This is how the tile is supposed to look! Nice and clean!

This is how the tile looked in the entry and kitchen! Yuck!

Our homemade gates to keep the little guys from getting into
the rooms that Mike was working in! Ha! They both
could climb over, but at least it gave me
a head start to grab them before they made it!
Tess only escaped me once! And fell into the glue!
Oh boy was she not happy about that. She walked
into it, got stuck, got mad, wanted to throw a fit
but couldn't move so she just sat down and
kinda gave up! I couldn't rescue her leggings and
socks! lol!

You can kind of see the wonderful carpet and tile...disgusting!

This is the floor after! I couldn't get a bigger picture! I thought
the laundry room! But no, not quite finished in there!
The entry, no that shows my buffet...and I'm still waiting on
the hardware! The family room! Nope, that room is still waiting
for shutters, as is the kitchen! One day soon {8 weeks} the
shutters will be here and we'll be done with the inside of the house -
for the most part! Ha! I think by the time we move out next
May we MIGHT be done with the house! Improving the house
is the only thing that is keeping me sane though!
But I think these shots really show how pretty this wood is! The
two steps are from the entry into the front room.:)

This is further down from the steps in the front room.
The rug on the right is from
Mike's old shop...I LOVE it. So soft!

Taking up tile STINKS! Oh my, my, my....seriously the hardest thing EVER! My hand cramped up after a minute of hammering and that wasn't the hardest part! Scraping the glue off was torture!
***The bug guy came again and said there was NO activity around the house! Yeah! Good bye creepy scorpions!!


Addison, Crew, Carter & Canon's Mama said...


AaronTara said...

The house is looking great! I can't wait until we can do some tile work. Someday... (big sigh)

Annette said...

You are amazing. The floor looks amazing. :)

Jen said...

I love the floor Tiff, it's gorgeous!

Annalisa said...

nice work. clean house & no scorpions...sweet! looks like such fun projects you're doing. i'd probably be insane from doing them. smiles!