Holy cow it's been a long time!! I'm a huge slacker!  Who knows if I can catch up for years of neglecting my blog?? Here goes nothing!
Chilling in the spa :)
 Tessa growing up way to fast!  Some days it's like, "Dang girl!  When did you get so tall?  Why do you all of the sudden look like your 6?!!"
Fun afternoon of games!!
Missy Miss getting into character!  Ha:) We love Halloween just a teeny bit!

*Random decor, ladders, boxes of flooring that may be in the background of pics is what happens when you move into a half finished house!  :)  Slowly, but surely we'll get this house beautiful!

Sleepy Time

You'd think from all these pictures that
these two cuties sleep all the time. Not
the case!! Since these two refuse to nap,
they tend to crash every couple of days...
trying to make up for lost time I guess!!

Here's a few "action" shots of Caleb and his group
from their field trip! These boys were so fun and
SO full of energy! I loved their enthusiasm!!

Aunbrey's 1st grade class and her SUPER cute and AMAZING
teacher! I am seriously so grateful for her!!
I got to go on the feild trip with Aubrey's
class:). It
was so much fun!

Here she is with the group of kids I got to keep
my eye on. They were all so cute and so excited
to be on their field trip!

These are a few pics of the kiddos this fall!
Since I have flaked big time with my blog
I'm trying to play a little bit of
catch up!;) {Don't judge me about
Tess and all that gum! It was the ONLY
thing I could bribe her with to behave
in the store!}

We had such a fun Halloween!
Aubrey & Caleb's school
had a lunch on the
lawn that families were invited to.
Then we went trick or treating down at
Town Square where we got to go on a
hay ride and load up on sweets!
Then we went around our neighborhood
trick or treating! I love Halloween and
have always loved to see kiddos dressed up!
So fun!!

The kids all ready for church!
I seriously have to bribe Caleb to
wear his suit jacket:)! He'd be happy
to wear shorts and a t-shirt every day!

Loved how Aubrey's hair turned out!
Love her pose too:)!

These last couple of weeks have been
brutal in the Boulant house!

Tess found these old glasses!
She looked so hilarious! Here
she is taking care
of her baby doll!

Her first french braids!
Seriously, too much fun!

Aubrey had to wear her new shoes
all day long, even when it was
time to wear jammies!
She couldn't stop dancing around!

I took the kiddos up to Fort Bragg to
camp with my parents and the
West family! My niece Courtney
had a soccer tournament and we
had a blast. Of course I got some
shots of the kiddos and the ocean,
but not one of Courtney's games!!
And I think I did pretty well without
Mike! A tire on the trailer blew
on the way to Cali & a super nice
man helped me back up the trailer...ok
not so much helped but backed up
my trailer! Jer was so nice and helped
me back it up once...now I know what I
need to practice on!
Here are the kids playing at the campsite!

There were the funnest tide pools to
look at too! So much fun!

Here we are loving Glass Beach!

Val showed us this awesome tree,
so we took advantage of
it and took some pictures!

And, um, it was FREEZING! I was freezing the
whole dang time! I need to invent a cordless
electric blanket! Seriously!