Here's Aubs, loving the cupcakes!
So Caleb loved the big slide - we couldn't get Aubrey to go down. It's far away, but the kids rode with Mike on a go kart. Aubrey on the roller coaster and go kart but no slide?
Aubrey & Caleb playing air hockey!
We went up to Mount Charleston one Saturday , it's just about 20 minutes away from our house. It reminded us so much of Tahoe if you can believe it! Pine trees for crying out loud! It was so beautiful!
We finally got out of the heat for a few hours!! I couldn't keep Luke off the rock!

Caleb & Aubrey love to cruise in their jeep. One day I could not find Aubrey. I yelled for her (she's still just pats her chest when she hears someone calling her name), and finally found her around the back wall by her daddy's dirt bike!
Here are the cuties ready for church! Caleb told me he forgot how to smile and this face is the best he could do! :)
How it all began...This is my mom, her brother Darrell, sister Carol and Dad. My Grandmother has severe dementia and is living in a rest home, so she couldn't be with us this weekend.
My beautiful Mother and sisters with my Grandpa. It was so fun to be together again and how special to see my Grandpa and to share some time with him!
Aubrey and her cousins Dallin and Kennedy with their Grandpa great - and my cousin Craig whose trying to stay out of the picture! :)
Caleb and his cousin Jared are best buddies. Playing hard and occasionally getting themselves into trouble! Jared, and reportedly Caleb, thought that they could start up their uncles' off-road-vehicle and take it for a joy ride!
Just chillin on the porch!
Aubrey's cousin Dallin is defiantly her best friend. They are only 10 weeks apart. Who knew that two 3 -year-olds would get along so well? Dallin loved the lizard - I couldn't get Aubrey to even touch it! :)

Luke loved "Capt'n Pugsly". He kept grabbing his tail! He wasn't so sure about his Grandpa great. This was his first time seeing him.
Bryn is such a cutie squishy baby! Her pigtails are adorable and look at that face!! She loves her Grandma Jones
My Dad and Ali! They are so awesome!
Maddy is such a sweetheart - she kept me so entertained! Luke loves his daddy!
It was nap time for Luke! He loved seeing his aunt Val and cousins Alana and Courtney - what cute girls they are.
This morning at the cabin was so cool - It felt so good to wear a sweatshirt and jeans!

Park Days

Our sleeping angel - his arms are so cute!
Moving Day!!
This is Luke at his best - we call this his monster face!
Caleb is such a sweetheart! He's getting ready to start kindergarten in fall and is really excited!
Here's Lukey at Grandma Jones' - I think he looks like his Grandpa Jones in this picture!
Here's the kids at Back to School night - Caitlyn tells me they are all super heroes.
All ready for Church! What cuties!
Caleb & Aubrey love their cousin Dallin - here they are at Grandma Jones'!
Being surrounded by boys, Aubrey loves playing with her cousin Jocelyn.