little miss tessa

We took little miss to her first dr.'s appointment this morning!
She did great! She's up 6 ounces and 2 1/2 inches -
We're pretty sure they measured her wrong in the hospital!
Tess - 8 lbs. 11 oz. & 20 1/2 "

reindeer, a tooth & a child's tact

Caleb & Aubrey checking out the reindeer at Zions.
Here's Caleb on the bus at Zions. He lost his first tooth
on his birthday! He got a silver dollar and
a fat swedish fish! He was so excited - Aubrey got
a swedish fish from the tooth fairy too.;) I was sure that
the thought of a little fairy reaching under Caleb's pillow would
freak him out. Last Christmas Eve he couldn't
sleep in the living room because he was freaked out
about Santa coming down the chimney! Apparently a little
fairy isn't as scary as Santa!
Lukey bear on the bus! He loved it! At one point he had his head
all the way out the window like a little puppy - wish I'd gotten
a picture of it!
My Mom and Dad on the bus!
This picture is from a funny angle, but Mike yelled to me
when little miss started to doze off and
gave him a few smiles!

This is my mom and dad's missionary photo! They are so
awesome. Their call should come this week or next!
They have been so kind to stay with us - I say kind because
the stuff they have to put up with. For instance, Caleb, after
hearing a "toot" asking grandma if that was her
or Tess. My dad was napping on the couch and Caleb asked
what that noise was and then running to Aubrey, "that's
grandpa snoring" and busting up laughing. My dad for his
brilliant game he came up with yesterday! He put a pillow on
his head as his "helmet" while Caleb & Aubrey tried to
push it off as that being the only way they could shoot him
with their guns! Plus, my bishop trying to extend a calling
to my dad yesterday at church!;)

Caleb's Birthday!

Happy Birthday Caleb!! We had an indoor party since it was
800 degrees outside.
Here are the kiddos getting the treats out of the pinata!
Love this pic! Caleb and Aubrey were cheering Luke on as
he was hitting the pinata! My dad and friend Andrea are
cute too in the background!
Here's little miss in her jelly bean sling!

**Can anyone suggest a good camera? I think I'll
"accidentally" break mine this week so Mike will buy me
a new one. I'm so tired of grainy looking pictures!;)

Baby Tess!

She's here!! Our beautiful baby Tessa Jane! 8 lbs. 5 oz. 18".
She's a chub and loves to eat! Everything went well, except
the epidural pump stopped working! So from 7-10 cm, no
epidural! For crying out loud! But she's healthy, I'm
healthy and we're finally home!
Isn't she an angel?!
Luke is in love with her. He just woke up from his nap,
he saw her from upstairs and just started to giggle! Too fun!
I don't think there's a little girlie who loves her little sister more!
Caleb loves her too!

baby time

I love that my baby ticker says "It's go time" today!;)
11:00 am is our hospital appointment today! Hopefully
everything will go smoothly and quickly! I just
can't wait to meet her!;)
The other Sunday we picked up Luke from nursery and his
teacher had them all wearing crowns! She had written King Luke on it!
It was the cutest thing! Later that day Caleb
was swinging his sword around saying, "I'm fighting
the Lamanites!" I love primary.
We've got a rock band at our house! They had me playing
the piano and tried to talk Mike into singing lead! Caleb
was a good sport to play the elmo guitar - he's sure he needs
a real electric one! With it being 112 outside, we are trying
to find fun things to do indoors!
**I only have 4 more days to go! I'm so excited and am so grateful
to everyone who has expressed concern and good wishes toward me!

Our front windows needed a little dressing up! I got a great deal on
some planters at Target and yesterday the kiddos and their daddy
planted some flowers! We'll see how long we can keep them alive in 110
degree weather!;)

I love this kids' side smile!
The finished product!

Have you ever been past the point of tiredness?
Your body aches from the 40 lb belly you're hauling around.
Your mind is shot because the 3 kiddos have you running around
like a madwoman. I just have laugh, otherwise I'd start crying, about
the big belly, how tired I am, how I don't have ankles anymore, how
I have to wear flip flops all of the time - even to church! How when I
bend over I have to hold my breath, after carrying
Luke upstairs for his nap it takes me 10
minutes to recuperate, how my fingers are so fat now I can't
french braid Aubrey's hair anymore, how I've resorted to wearing
Mike's tee shirts.....
But, man my kids are seriously a huge joy in my
life that keep me entertained, teach me endlessly and touch my heart. I
can't wait to meet my baby Tess!
Umm...someone else that can't wait for Tess. Aubrey is a bit "obessed"
about babies right now! Seriously, she played
for like an hour yesterday w/a pair of Tess' socks. coke

Found out today why you don't put your diet coke in the freezer.
Fun times - Caleb thought the diet coke "ice cubes" were yummy.
Gross - maybe I should let up and give him soda from time to time so
he wouldn't want it so much! Nothing has helped calm my
tummy better than a bit of diet coke during this pregnancy. ;)

Our 4th of July weekend!

We went to an aquarium this weekend! The kids loved the fish, sting rays,
sharks & turtles! Luke wasn't so sure - he wouldn't go to0 close the glass!
This is Caleb's shot of one of the sting rays!
I just thought this shot was too cute! Mike's showing the kiddos some huge fish!
Such cuties!
I love this pic - plus I caught Aubrey too! We painted, painted, painted
this weekend! The kids' rooms are done and the accent wall in the
family room too! Yeah! It was our first experience with a
huge sprayer - um...paint went under the door into
the hallway! Blue paint + white carpet = me on my hands
& knees scrubbing for 2 hours! But, I got it all out!! We were
negotiating whether to just get new carpet! White carpet? It's
so hard to keep clean w/kiddos running around on it!
I can wait until next year for the new carpet! Aubrey & Tess' room went so
much smoother! No pink paint anywhere but on the walls!
We finished up and watched some fireworks. The kids got sparklers
to do in the backyard - It was such a fun weekend! I am
so grateful to those who protect this country!;)