school days!!

Aubrey's first day of preschool! Yay! She is such
a big girl and did a great job!! Love co-op's!!
Here's Caleb ready for school! He did awesome today!
No tears - he was actually smiling while he was lining up!
So, so proud of him!
Here's the cuties together! Lukey was feeling really
left out - so he jumped in!
Luke has the chessiest smile on his face! What a
fun little boy!

tess and g/pa great

This is Tessa & her Grandpa Great. She is the newest great
grandchild - #48!! Grandma passed away last week, so we traveled
to Southern Utah to attend her memorial service & visit family.
This was our second visit w/Grandpa actually. He refers to her as "his pal".
He also tells me that Aubrey reminds him so much of my Mom. He
always wants to visit with "the little red head". He & my grandma
were married for 67 years - amazing!

Here's missy after getting home today - she loves to stretch
out on the floor! Such a darling, chubby little sweetheart!


This is where Tess & I got to sleep last night! Why in the front room?
Because of this...
....and this!!
Here's the door to my bedroom!! We came home to a flooded bedroom
& bathrooms last night! After putting our shop vac to good use
and renting a steam cleaner - it's all cleaned just waiting
to dry!! All because of a faulty toilet! Thank goodness
it was clean toilet water - well as clean as the tank
water can be - could have been a lot worse - that's just really gross.
Here's a pic of Luke eating his "numa-nums" aka M&M's.
His absolute fav and in his own way telling me he
doesn't want his picture taken!
Cleaned the church on Monday night! Fun times! We got
to do it all by ourselves!! This is how little miss spent most of the evening!
These guys are troopers! They helped do all the trash cans!
It was only about 800 degrees in the building!
Here's how missy has been feeling lately! Poor little girl!
I can't help but kinda giggle when I look at this picture.
She's just so dang cute and chubby!
Aubrey ran over to her, put the pacifier in her mouth
and started to sing twinkle, twinkle little star.
Tessa loved it!! She fell asleep! I was absolutely amazed!
Can you spot the paci? It doesn't get any cuter
than that!!
Oh, and yes school started for Caleb this week! He hates the
1st grade! This morning walked him to the school door, he
went in, teary eyed, and I turned to leave. I got about 3 feet
when he comes running out of the school crying!! So I
walk him to his door and talk to him and his teacher, some more -
I've gotten to know her extremely well over these past couple of
days! She reassures me again that once the day gets going
Caleb does terrific. She tells me not to worry so I leave, of course
with tears streaming down my face. He's made a friend already, loves
eating lunch in the cafeteria, he just says, "school is way to freakin' long!"
(I can't get him to stop saying that word! At least he has stopped
calling people jackasses) I knew the transition to 1st grade would be hard -
He's a stubborn kid - once he makes up his mind that the
1st grade isn't his own personal hell, I think he just might
start to enjoy it! I'll post some pictures of him in his cute
school clothes, once he's happy about going to school!
We're raising a little fatty! Tess had her 1 month check up
on Thursday!She's up to 11 lbs 3 oz and is 22 inches long.
She is such a little sweetheart. She is too much fun!

My kiddos!

Sweet Tess gets absolutely no attention!
Such a sweet picture of my girlies! Hope they'll be
best friends!
The other day I couldn't get little miss to stay asleep!
In her bassinet, bouncer, swing - no go! Luke came
over and wanted a drink, so I put Tess down on the couch
& this is what happened!! Her cheeks are getting so chubby!
Went to the market by myself w/ all
4 kiddos! It actually went really well! When the husband is out
of town & you really need some milk, what else can you do?;)
The kiddos - minus Tess - had bubble baths in my tub yesterday
morning. Lukey just couldn't wait to get in!

We buzzed Luke's hair a couple of weeks ago! What a cutie!
He is so much cooler! I miss his spikes though!

We have the cutest little chipmunks that come into our
backyard. Aubrey spilled some nuts outside and out
came the chipmunks! The kids had so much
fun watching for them!

swimmin' suits & a mission call

I couldn't get Luke to sit still long enough to get a good
picture this morning! This is the best I could do!
We spent our morning swimming in the backyard! It's
actually under 100 degrees! Loving it!
I had to get Tess into this swim suit before she grew out of it!
So, so cute!!
She is such a little sweetheart! It's funny that she's only been here
a few weeks - I don't know what I ever did without her!
This is mine & Luke's means of communication! I hear a little voice
from upstairs and try to figure out what he needs. He usually
just needs to tell me if he bonked his knee or something! His favorite
game by far is playing catch w/his daddy from downstairs
to upstairs! I need to get a picture of that!

It feels so good in Vegas today! The kids are taking advantage
by playing in the water in our front courtyard!
Here's little miss loving her bouncer!
I thought about going hitting Target & maybe Kohls today.
But, who am I kidding? I'm usually exhausted by
the end of the day when I don't even leave the house!
My mom and dad got their mission call! They are
called to the family history library in slc! Yay! They are
actually closer to me now! I'm a bit of a baby when it comes
to my family. I hate not living close to anyone!
I just couldn't resist!;)
When it's so hot outside we have to find fun things to
do inside! Here are the kiddos at an indoor arcade!

Too bad I didn't get any pictures of Mike, me, Aubrey
and Caleb driving the go carts! We had a blast!
Here's missy with her daddy. She thinks she needs
to look around and see everything around her!