Family Hike

We decided to hike up a mountain close by this morning! We were unsure how Luke would do. The jogger couldn't make it so Mike had to carry him the whole way! Caleb and Aubrey did fantastic! The picture of the hill is the very tip top of the mountain that only Mike and Caleb did- Aubrey was pretty pooped by that point! Our house is behind Caleb right behind the baseball park - Caleb thought that was pretty cool! It took us about 2 hours. We had a blast although we are all pretty beat this evening!


I went to my first dr.appointment for our new baby! Everything is measuring on, just about 14 weeks. She or he was moving around so much! I can't wait until our next visit to see if he's a Kayde or if she's a Tess! So fun! (here's a hint; the baby's head is on the left with his/her legs going up to the right! )

Calebs Best Girl

So... my household has been suffering from, how can I put this nicely? The major honryness of the kids??(who knows how to spell that - any of my sisters have any ideas?;) For crying out loud! Maybe it's the let down of Christmas being over, or having to go back to school and/or getting over being sick? Who knows, but it's kicking my behind! Then today while the kids were playing I heard Caleb say to Aubrey, "I love you Aubrey, you're my best girl." Somehow all the frustration over the kids fighting melted away! I love it when kids show their sweet side!!

Our 2nd Outing In 2009;)

I was planning on making a trip to Saint George on Wednesday, but my plans fell through. Mike told me yesterday that he had today off of work so we decided to drive to Zions National Park! It is an amazing place! While traveling through the canyon we heard Caleb say to Aubrey, "We're in the middle of the earth!" Our favorite place was called The Weeping Rock. We talked to a few people who had just finished the hike up the hill and they all reassured us that the kids would do fine. Ha! Did I bother to ask them how they thought I would do? I'm going to blame this story on my pregnancy and how it can mess with your equilibrium. And, what a great sport I am to go along with this in the first place!;) We hiked up the little mountain in the frozen snow! Caleb and Mike, with Luke in tote, did fabulously. Aubrey and me? Not so much. The traction on my shoes was pretty much sucky, my first big mistake. After a few minutes of walking Aubrey hopped on my back. Second big mistake. Pretty soon there wasn't any more snow, just frozen snow - there were actual blocks of ice! Mike was ahead of us and Aubs & I were doing okay. All of the sudden I slipped a few inches. I was still on my feet but had nowhere to go! What else could I do? I took a step, third big mistake! I fell onto my knees - the kind of slow motion falling where you know what it going on the whole time! It didn't end there - with Aubrey clinging on my back for dear life we slid down the hill for about 6 feet! (The whole time I was sliding down I was thinking, thank goodness my dad isn't here - he would never let me live it down!) I yelled to Mike and guess what response I got? A laugh! That's just what I needed!;) Aubrey, Luke and I stayed put while Caleb and Mike made the rest of the hike! Then when we finally got down to our van - it wouldn't start! The battery was dead! A super nice couple helped us push our van to their car so they could give us a jump! Life would be so boring if everything worked out perfectly, right? All in all it was a dang fun trip!

Our first outing in 2009

On New Years Day we decided to make the drive up to Mt. Charleston and let the kids play in the snow! There was so much more snow than we expected! Somehow all of the kid's gloves have disappeared, but the kids loved it anyway! Caleb loved to eat it and to sink as far as he could into the snow. Aubrey spent a lot of her time dodging her daddy's snowballs! Luke of course would only make faces at me!

Right where we were parked and playing in the snow, some policemen stopped the traffic in both directions and called in a life flight from the Hospital. Traffic was stopped for about an hour. Since we were right there playing anyway we walked over so that the kids could watch the helicopter land and then take off again. A woman was hurt in a sledding accident just up the mountain and this part of the road was the closest spot the helicopter could land! It was exciting to see the helicopter so up close, we are just praying that the woman who was hurt is okay!