Pretend Birthday

Today was Caleb's "pretend" birthday at school! Since his birthday is during the
summer, his teacher assigned today for him to bring some birthday treats!
Mike made these cone-cakes - so cute!
So silly!
Last night was my ward's womens volley ball tournament!
3 hours of playing - so much fun! I actually popped a blood vessel!
It's super swollen and discolored - that has never happened to me before!
**We made it to the championship game but lost by 2 points! Bummer! But it was
so dang fun - & I am so proud of me and my other
pregger friend - playing the whole volleyball season - & she's 7 weeks ahead of me!!

My Lukey Bear On Memorial Day!

This is how my Lukey spent his Memorial Day afternoon! Scooby
Doo is one of his favorites!
Isn't he an angel?! He let Mike and I paint our kitchen while he napped!
We went to a neighborhood park to watch fireworks.
I was having some sharp contractions
so Lukey and I chilled on the blanket. This is what happened
when I asked him to smile!
He is such a pill!;) He turned around to spit but that wasn't good enough...
he had to get closer!

Caleb's Graduation!!

Caleb had his Kindergarten Graduation Program this morning! Poor
kid got sick last night and didn't get that much sleep! He's coughing
and has a slight fever, but didn't want to miss his program - what a trooper!
Luke & Aubrey waiting for the program to start!
Caleb is so proud of his alphabet book he made over the school year!
Here he is singing their Grand Finale, New York, New York!
So super blurry! He was up to the mic faster than I could
get a good shot! I'm pretty much a slow mover these days!;) Here he is
saying his name and that he wants to be a tank soldier when he
grows up! We are so proud of Caleb! He has just come into his own
over this year of kindergarten. If I had my way my kids would stay home
with me! So glad we made the right choice in sending him this year!
Way to go Caleb!!
**So glad Kris won last night! Also, I hit 31 weeks today! Aubrey & Luke came at 37 weeks - hope Tess follow suit!**


I am really bad at consistently having fhe. Just had General Conference, was told
to have it. Just had Ward Conference, was told to have it.
So last night it was up to the mountains we went to have
a wonderful time and talk about families and how important it is
to do things as a family! So, yeah for us! FHE done for this week!
Hope I can keep the streak going!;)
Like I've said before, I can rarely catch this kid with a good smile! At least
he looks at me and tries! Luke either laughs and hides or just
completely ignores me!
Then there's my little miss! She'll almost always happy to pose for me!
At dinner last night, Mike was teasing her about something and she
actually rolled her eyes and said "whatever!". Um, she's only 4! She's
sure not shy about showing her attitude!
These kids love to run and explore! You can't see in the picture, but there are a ton
of ladybugs in the grass! The kids just loved it!
This may seem random - but just taking a moment to look at my kids,
and think about baby Tessa, it just all fits. Like this is just right!
The Spirit is so remarkable.
(A bit smarmy! I know - thanks for bearing w/me!)

Swimming pools & ladybugs

We found a little friend in our pool! The kids absolutely loved it!
They wouldn't hold it though! Ladybugs are the only bug I can tolerate!
Just a few pics from todays swim! Luke hates getting in, so we tend
to swim when he's napping! Caleb's face cracks me up! It was bright outside, but
it's like sometimes I can catch a great smile from him and sometimes,
not so much! Even when we're inside!

Grateful to be a Mommy!

I had the best Mother's Day ever! Great husband & great kids!
Aubrey made me the necklace in her Sunbeam class.
Caleb & Aubrey sang in our Sacrament Meeting w/the primary! There
is nothing like seeing your little cuties on the stand singing songs about
how much they love you! Apparently Luke didn't want to be included in our photo!;)
(please ignore the boxes and messiness behind us!)
The kiddos are a huge help in packing up the moving boxes!
Hiding in the boxes and yelling "Caprise" was Aubrey's idea!
Caleb found a box big enough for him!

candy bouquet & swim parks

Caleb made this cookie bouquet for me at school for Mother's Day!
I love it! And I love this kid! How grateful I am to be a Mom!
We took the kids to a park/water park yesterday since it's been
150 degrees for the last couple of days! Aubrey
would not cooperate!
Love this kid in his sunglasses!
Caleb played so hard and was so hot! Thank goodness for
the water parks!

My little girlie

This little girl is the cutest thing ever! She fell at church last week and
is showing off her boo boo!

Isn't she beautiful! She was so proud of herself for
putting on her own makeup! It took me 2 days
of scrubbing to get it all off! Luke was very
concerned about her when he first saw her. He kept
saying "nose, nose" - but then he just laughed
and laughed!;)