Grandma and Grandpa came for a visit!!
I love this picture! Tessa had to
keep "tabs" on Grandpa the whole
time they were here.:)
I love my parents to death!
They're the best!

We couldn't miss the opening weekend of Cars 2!
The kids have been wanting to go to the Palms to watch
it since it had such fun displays up!

We had a picnic up at Mt. Charleston on Sunday afternoon.
It was so nice to get out of the heat and just relax!
Lukey is such a crack up!

We made it to Chuck E Cheese, a few lunches out and my
fave Cheesecake Factory {snickers this time!}. My parents
picked out some carpet for their new house too! We
are looking forward to visiting them! {They finished
their mission last week!}
Happy Father's Day!!
I have an awesome Dad and husband!
My Dad has taught me so much! He really
has taught me what it means to have
your soul anchored in Christ.
Mike has been my rock. Through
health scares, bearing children,
moving to a big city all by ourselves....
Two amazing men that I am
so grateful for!
The kiddos made a "6 pack" for their daddy!:)

We went camping last weekend! Our niece Courtney
had a soccer tournament in Southern
California so we met my awesome sister
Val and her family
there and had a blast!

The kids found a tree that was
perfect for climbing!

My niece Courtney and her Soccer team!

Tessa and her cousin Bryn!

Here's all the kiddos, except a sleeping Tess, and
Mike "helping" Lukey.:)

We LOVE Caleb!

This was Caleb's Patriotic Program all the 2nd grade
classes did for Memorial Day. He had a speaking part,
which I didn't get a picture of because some
woman was in the way...but he did great!

Caleb and I on the bus for his field trip this year!

Caleb's a 3rd Grader!! So, so proud of this kid!
He's gotten straight A's all his 1st grade & now
throughout his 2nd grade too. He's received
the Citizenship Award every trimester through
1st and 2nd grades. What an awesome kid!
He's come such a long way from the boy who cried
and cried at preschool that we finally just
pulled him out. We LOVE Caleb!

Here's Aubrey and her Kindergarten class!
33 kids! What the heck?! I don't know...
Anyway, she's enjoyed this class for
the last 3 months. I'm impressed with
her good attitude with moving schools.
She LOVED her kindergarten teacher
at the old school. When I told her
we'd be moving, she burst out in tears,
"Then I'll have to leave Miss
Fiscus!" It was really
hard for Aubrey to leave her.:)

Where is our little firecracker?!
She is so not comfortable with attention!
Can you tell?! It is so hard for her
to have people pay attention to her!
We are so proud of her for getting
up there and singing! Love her!

*She received her certificate of completion and she got
the Citizenship Award! So proud of her!!

"You have this game?"
"Yep, you've got this game?"
Just another afternoon chillin' in
the Boulant household!

Missy Miss found my lipstick!

Some friends invited us to camp on their property
over the weekend! We had a blast but dang
we froze!! So we came home a day early.
But we had a great time roasting marshmallows
& starbursts. There were a couple of dogs there...
Aubrey spent the first couple of hours either
in the van or in the trailer. When she did come out
she clung on to either Mike or me for dear life!
Lukey LOVED the doggies!

On Memorial Day we took the kiddos to Valley Of Fire.
We have never been there before so we thought this
was a great time to go! The kids had a blast
climbing all over the rocks, finding lizards and thank
goodness we didn't find any snakes...