Caught in the act

Caught in the act! This little girl is crazy! Well, at least now I know how she manages to get out of her bumbo! She doesn't fuss, just wiggles herself out!;)

Made these for Aubrey's birthday treat for preschool. So easy and yummy! Ignore the UNLV cups - they were the best thing I had to transport them!;)

February should have started out the new year - I could have gone without January all together! There's a light at the end of some of my tunnels that I haven't seen in a long time! And, ya know, this whole challenge I've given myself to make my home cutsie with "homemade" crafty projects has been so fun! I am so full of all this nervous energy that it's been really good for me. I am so excited to "unveil" miss Aubrey's bed! I'm just getting the finishing touches done on it! Just so fun!
I cheated a bit! This project isn't totally homemade, ha!;) I was planning on modpodging or spray painting a star but I came across this beauty! It's just perfectly rustic so I just let it be!

Aubrey loves to "hold" Tessa now that she is sitting on her own. Aub's scoots in behind her and hugs her!

I think everyone can remember doing this as a child! So funny! My mom was always so great to let my sis Ali and I march around the house like "grown ups" in her high heels!

Luke, can you give me a smile?;)

Oh, and concerning my previous post - Tessa pulled herself up to a standing position a couple of days ago! I know! What 6-month-old does that? She now does it all the time & just looks over at me and laughs! Yeah, giving mommy a heart attack is not funny!;)

Should have named her trouble!!

Oh we should have named her trouble! Yep, caught her heading up the stairs today! She is an absolute love and it's so hard to think that she is only 6 months, plus the fact that she weighs 20 lbs doesn't help her case either! She reaches her arms up to me when she wants me to hold her, crawls around the house until she finds me and today she seriously put her hands on my cheeks, leaned in and kissed me. I seriously started crying. I am so blessed to have her! (Her nose is crinkled up in the 2nd photo, kinda hard to see, but so reminds me of my sister Annette! Love it!!)

So the blocks are supposed to work like this. Each block says a name of a member of our family - with a letter on each side. Mind you, I never have a clue of what I'm doing. All of your comments have been so kind. Thank you. **I don't know what has gotten into me. I actually sewed a button on Mike's cuff this morning! {gasp};)**

Here they are on the shelf on my hutch. M for my block, A for Aubrey's, T for Tessa's, D for Dad's, L for Luke's & C for Caleb's.

Friend or Foe?

Kiddos are so fun. They either love the vacuum or hate it! Lukey always does the "na, na, na, na, na, na" and then loves to get chased! Tessa wants to get it! Hence, she gets in her bumbo when I vacuum! Well, as long as she'll stay in it!;) My niece Bryn (who is Lukey's age) was playing in Aubrey's room while they were visiting. I pushed the vacuum right in there where she was thinking nothing of it. Well, she jumped up so fast and into the closet she went! Poor thing!

Aubrey is so patient w/me. We really have such a good time every morning doing her hair! I'd kill for her color!
I really loved how this turned out. Oh what fun things you can do with a little spray paint and wood stain!! Oh, and chalkboard spray paint is too fun! Mike's so great to cut wood for me!