Bumble Bee

Here's Bumble Bee, minus his mask, ready for school! My batteries ran out, so no pics at school with his buddies! We were so bummed - a pretty little fairy and a cutie little bat will make their way into more pictures tomorrow night!

Take Courage

My sister Val forwarded this image in an email (thanks so much Val!) Although I don't live in California anymore prop 8 is still so important to me. We can live righteously in the world and not be a part of the world! To all you Californians - make sure to vote yes on Proposition 8!!

Luke's New Toy

Luke found a new toy today! I found him upstairs in my bathroom making himself, the wall and door, beautiful! Mike & I have decided that Luke is our "wild one". Caleb & Aubrey never gave us this kind of grief! His cuteness is his saving grace!

Is Daddy Home Yet??

I found Luke at our front window waving and saying "da-da" the other afternoon. Soon Aubrey came over to see if Mike was there - fortunately Aubrey took the news better than Luke.

Dancing Fools! ;)

Yep - this is how my kids "dance". Caleb is the culprit. He has always danced this way. Soon he converted Aubrey and so naturally Luke didn't stand a chance. The freaky thing is, they can spin their heads to the beat!

Aubrey's 1st Day Of Preschool

Aubrey has started a co-op preschool with some other girls from our ward - here she is all ready to go - Luke thought he needed his picture taken as well, no smiles from him though - just a goofy face! Aubrey has grown so big, so fast - she'll be 4 before I know it! She's a girly girl down to her toes, but don't let that angelic face fool ya, she holds her own against her brothers, and causes her own mischievousness as well!
Last week was our Young Women in Excellence! (I'm 2nd counselor) Our theme was the Emma Awards, like the Emmy Awards, w/a red carpet to boot! Mike made us this gorgeous 30' red carpet and the carpet on the wall too! What an awesome husband I have - he's going to kill me for posting this! ;) Oh, and excuse my shoes that I caught in the pics! Unrolling and placing that carpet just right was too much to keep them on!

Nursery Time!!

So Luke turned 18 months on the 25th of September - that means Nursery time!! Luke has gotten to be quite the monster at church. He has no sense of an "inside voice", "quit pulling Aubrey's hair", and "no, you can not haul off during the church meetings and run amok through the chapel". Luke has been our smoothest 1st day of Nursery yet. He walked in like he owned the place and even jabbered back to the Nursery leader as she welcomed him in. Throughout the next meetings I sat by the doors anticipating a peek in from his teacher asking me to come and get him - but there wasn't a "peek"! He did wonderfully, thanks in part to an awesome teacher! That night I decided his hair needed a trim - I love little boys with longer hair, but sadly, Luke's hair does not want to lay down and stay combed, so off it went and up went the spikes! His hair is so light, it's a bit hard to tell, so the inside shots are his after and the outside shots are his before. Luke's enthusiasm for everything is so contagious. If you're in a bad mood, or ticked about something, play with him for 5 minutes and that all disappears! I love this kid - so dang cute!;)

Luke got a haircut