Megatron Mommy

Caleb's new favorite toys are Transformers. We watch the cartoons almost daily - We let him watch the "grown up" Transformers, which I thought would scare him and sat with him with remote in hand ready to turn it off at the first sign of fear, but he sat through the whole movie enthralled! This just accelerated the obsession. Every now and then I'll here an "Autobots, roll out" and even from little Aubrey "More than meets the eye". Below is the new and growing collection. The other day Caleb asked if he could have another pack of fruities. I said no. He asked please, please pretty please, only to get the same answer. He then turned around mumbling under his breath about how unfair I am and very clearly referred to me as Megatron. Well, I couldn't hold it back. I burst out laughing and a severe tickle fest ensued. Megatron? Very clever Caleb!
We made it through our first week of school! Yeah Caleb! I've had a harder time than he has - he is an awesome kid! We're so proud of him!!

Fun At Aunt Carrie's!!

We had so much fun in Utah, up at my sister's house! Going to the park, eating ice cream and having a birthday party!

My sister Ali came to visit us last week - I can't get to cooperate, hence no background :( but I couldn't wait to post some of our fun pictures! Ali's the best and we miss her! We love you tons Ali!!

Luke had to get some immunizations, so we took him to play at the mall - what a trooper!
Caleb got a nerf dart gun for his birthday, here's the brilliant game that Mike came up with! I was pretty impressed that we actually captured the nerf darts en route!