Our last horah! before school starts! We had a great time, tons of fun running after a running Tess who was sure the whole camp site was hers for the taking. Plus, we lost Luke for a few minutes, but other than that it was a success! Did I mention I drove the 3 hours all by myself, with the trailer, unloaded and unhitched the trailer all by myself? Seriously, I was really proud of myself. I have the best memories camping as a kid, with the "group" and it's just so fun to see my kiddos making those same kind of memories!

Missy miss Tess is a busy little thing! She is into every.single.drawer she can get her little fingers on! But today one of the bathroom drawers bit back! So sad!

She didn't even cry that hard! Once she got her hands on her bottle the tears stopped! Such a cutie!
Mike runs on it. I walk on it. Lukey bear creates "dinosaur island" on it!

We spent this last weekend with my sister and her girls at a cabin in Panguich Utah. We had a blast! Our husbands' spent most 3 days hiking in Zions. Somehow I didn't get one shot of Tess! But we did have a great time, with a trip to the ER to boot!;)