We try to keep our Monday mornings happy around here, so extra cute hair helps!

And make sure we get a nap in too!!

A few weeks ago Val and Ali came for a visit! {I don't know how Ali avoided all the pictures!} But we visited the Shark Reef down the strip and had a great time! My sisters are the best, Annette and Carrie too! By far the little manta rays that you could touch were my favorite part!

Yeah, that's right. That's poop! And oh if you'd seen Tessa covered in it! {I really didn't think it would be all that sanitary to pause and take a picture of her!} What a fun way to start the day!! lol!

Breaking in the new couch Boulant style! What a fun daddy the kiddos have!!

Aubrey got some new skates! I think she likes them!

Tessa girl likes them too!

Today was the first day I got to take Caleb and Aubrey to school! So, we made these teacher's gifts to bring with us today. I didn't get any shots of Caleb with his present because he had a few tears this morning! Poor kiddo. I didn't want to prolong the process of going to school for him so we skipped his photo-op! But I finally got to meet their teachers and get a better feel of how it is for them at school. That always makes me feel so much better about sending them!

Caleb and Aubrey had their first day of school! No tears, just a little complaining from Caleb about having to wear "church clothes" to school! Aubrey was ready to go a good hour before her kindergarten started. She was just so excited to go!

We baked a big cookie for them to have after they got home on their first day. It seems this year is going to be so great for them! We're in a brand new school this year with a terrific principle and the assistant principle we love from Caleb's old school! And, we are on a 9 month schedule which we love so much more than the 12 month!
I haven't got a chance to meet their teachers since I had my hysterectomy on Friday. Mike & and my mom have reassured me that both teachers are great. I am so grateful that the surgery is over and done with and already I am feeling pretty good and am itching to get in their classrooms to help out!

The kiddos playing outside yesterday after school enjoying our amazing weather! 90 degrees never felt so good!!