My best friends in the world! Love these ladies! They all
came down to Vegas in April. They took me out
for my birthday to The Olive Garden. It was so dang fun!
I forget what laughing is really like until I get together with them!;)

Sunday Times

Here are the cuties all ready for church!;) It was mine and kids' first day
in our new ward. Luke did just great going into nursery - Caleb &
Aubrey - not so much. After some talks, hugs, kisses, & resorting
to bribery, I finally convinced them to walk
into the primary room. Caleb collapsed at
my feet crying. Aubrey burst into tears saying,
"I want you Mom!". Good times. All I have to say is that the
women who work in Primary are the most patient & kind
women out there! When we went to pick them up, they
of course had the best time and can't wait until next week.
We decided to take a quick trip to St. George yesterday. I talked Mike into
going to Tai Pan! Good shopping! What a great husband!

It was so super bright outside and the batteries in my camera
ran out - of course! So these are the cutest pics I got!

nice. (please note the sarcasm)

Mike cracked his ribs last night in his soccer game! Nice.
Didn't get home from the ER until midnight.
Another dude dislocated his shoulder in another
"collision" during the same game & was in the ER.
Good refs they have down there!
Here are some pics, courtesy of Caleb, of our super fun night!

So, went to the dr.'s this morning. She flipped!
Her head is down now - good girl!! I'm measuring 4 cm
small still - so no inducing until the 20th. I measured small
with Caleb and Aubrey too! Come on!;) Being
induced freaks me out! I just want to make sure
my mom and dad are here, so I thought this would be
the best way to ensure that they are here! I know no one -
never been to my new ward, thus - no one to tend the
kiddos when Tess decides to come! Nice.

pregnant & going a little crazy

So, yeah - I'm 36 weeks pregnant. Can't get to sleep, chasing 3 kiddos all day,
super swollen, only up about 800 pounds - love it! Mike summed
it all up last night when he said, "that's a big belly"! It's like
you forget just how big you're tummy can stretch! Can't wait to go
to the dr.'s tomorrow and see where we're at - I think she's flipped though!
No breach baby for me! Talk about uncomfortable! I still have
some rooms to paint! I wonder if Mike will let me hire some guys
to come paint for me! Hehe! Luke came at
37 weeks, Aubrey at 38 and Caleb was 3 days late. Let's hope for 37 weeks!
Hehe, that would be next week!;) If Tess comes as a red head, I might
just faint! Two little red heads would be too cute!
This is my linen closet upstairs! It was pretty quiet so I went upstairs
to see what was going on. They'd emptied out the last couple of
shelves and made themselves some bunkbeds!;)


Beautiful, miracle dress! Ali just looked so classic & happy!
After spending all day shopping in St. George, Ali tells us, "I just
want a dress that is Ivory, has lace and is tea length!". We walk
into the last shop of the day and the sales lady asks Ali what kind of
dress she's looking for, Ali tells her a tea length dress. So, the sales
woman takes a dress off the rack and says, "How do you feel about Ivory
and lace?" We all about died! Plus, she got her veil, shoes and
pearls from the same shop! Love St. George!!
Caleb's 1st loose tooth! He's so excited!
These are just the highlights of my kiddos w/their
cutie cousins!! We got to hang out with them for 2 weeks!
Cutest little chubs! Luke and his cousin Bryn are 3 months apart! So dang cute!

It wouldn't be Grandmas w/out popsicles!;)
I took some of the kids to the creek in Bidwell Park. They are all
yelling "Oh Yeah!".

We had to spend a day at Chuck E. Cheese's. Here's Luke and Bryn playing
air hockey! They were so entertaining to watch!
A couple of cousins, and my sis, have June & July B/days! So we celebrated
in the park - here's a pic of the mad rush to the busted up pinata!

All the cute kids - 13 of them 12 and under! - were dressed up so cute! We missed
my brother and sister-in-law and their 2 cute kiddos!
Aubrey and her cousin Dallin loving the refreshments!
Lukey loves cake! He's poor little cheeks got sunburned earlier at the
Temple! Look at that bow tie! Doesn't get any cuter than that!
To make the trip even that much better, Mike and his brother were
able to do baptisms for their parents and 8 grandparents! An amazing
experience to be a part of!

A California Sunday Afternoon

Caleb and his cousin Jared are best buddies! They've been having so much fun playing
together over our visit in California! This was our Sunday
afternoon activity with homemade playdough!
Aubrey & my niece Caitlyn had fun playing with their playdough!
My niece Courtney helping make the playdough!
Isn't she beautiful!
We've been having a great time in California! I'm loving the cool weather!
Hope it gets a little warmer so I can take the kiddos swimming!
I've been helping my sister Val get ready for her wards girls camp this
week - she's been called as Camp Director. So much fun stuff! I love working
with the Young Women! Chico is so beautiful w/so many parks &
yummy places to eat! We've had enchiladas from La Comida - I think I'll
run down and get a burger from Burger Hut soon!;)
So excited for my other sisters to hurry up and get out here!!