Beautiful, miracle dress! Ali just looked so classic & happy!
After spending all day shopping in St. George, Ali tells us, "I just
want a dress that is Ivory, has lace and is tea length!". We walk
into the last shop of the day and the sales lady asks Ali what kind of
dress she's looking for, Ali tells her a tea length dress. So, the sales
woman takes a dress off the rack and says, "How do you feel about Ivory
and lace?" We all about died! Plus, she got her veil, shoes and
pearls from the same shop! Love St. George!!
Caleb's 1st loose tooth! He's so excited!
These are just the highlights of my kiddos w/their
cutie cousins!! We got to hang out with them for 2 weeks!
Cutest little chubs! Luke and his cousin Bryn are 3 months apart! So dang cute!

It wouldn't be Grandmas w/out popsicles!;)
I took some of the kids to the creek in Bidwell Park. They are all
yelling "Oh Yeah!".

We had to spend a day at Chuck E. Cheese's. Here's Luke and Bryn playing
air hockey! They were so entertaining to watch!
A couple of cousins, and my sis, have June & July B/days! So we celebrated
in the park - here's a pic of the mad rush to the busted up pinata!

All the cute kids - 13 of them 12 and under! - were dressed up so cute! We missed
my brother and sister-in-law and their 2 cute kiddos!
Aubrey and her cousin Dallin loving the refreshments!
Lukey loves cake! He's poor little cheeks got sunburned earlier at the
Temple! Look at that bow tie! Doesn't get any cuter than that!
To make the trip even that much better, Mike and his brother were
able to do baptisms for their parents and 8 grandparents! An amazing
experience to be a part of!


megan... said...

I need some pictures of Ali too! (though your kiddos are pretty dang cute!)

Annalisa said...

thank heavens for that dress...its beautiful!!! smiles, looks like the kiddos had fun.

Dana said...

The dress is beautiful...so is Ali! She and Dan look so happy!!!