pregnant & going a little crazy

So, yeah - I'm 36 weeks pregnant. Can't get to sleep, chasing 3 kiddos all day,
super swollen, only up about 800 pounds - love it! Mike summed
it all up last night when he said, "that's a big belly"! It's like
you forget just how big you're tummy can stretch! Can't wait to go
to the dr.'s tomorrow and see where we're at - I think she's flipped though!
No breach baby for me! Talk about uncomfortable! I still have
some rooms to paint! I wonder if Mike will let me hire some guys
to come paint for me! Hehe! Luke came at
37 weeks, Aubrey at 38 and Caleb was 3 days late. Let's hope for 37 weeks!
Hehe, that would be next week!;) If Tess comes as a red head, I might
just faint! Two little red heads would be too cute!
This is my linen closet upstairs! It was pretty quiet so I went upstairs
to see what was going on. They'd emptied out the last couple of
shelves and made themselves some bunkbeds!;)


Em said...

hopefully you'll get to go early!

Addison, Crew, Carter & Canon's Mama said...

Yay hopefully you will go early! I am hopign for the same :)

Papa Paradigm said...

Ok your little belly looks like me at 26 weeks! Your kids are so creative to make their own bunk beds. So cute. Good luck with getting some sleep!

Jen said...

Oh how I miss you guys. Can't wait to hear that you've had Tess, and I hope she'll be a red head too. Regardless, she'll be super cute!

Kerri said...

can't wait to see that cute little girl!! hurry up would you ;)

Mikila said...

How cute!! Don't feel bad Tiffany, my belly is that big and no one is hanging out in it :)!!

Mike and Megan Johnson said...

Oh my goodness, that went so fast. I can't wait to see pics of little Tes! All the girls, including myself miss you so much! I hope everything is well at your new place.

Kristin said...

Way cute! Hang in there! The everlasting last month will end!

Annette said...

Love your pictures! You look great and you are great. Hope you are doing ok. I can't wait to see little Tessa too!

Annalisa said...

love the purple. you look great. smiles to you.