Cuteness & Kindness!

I feel really guilty about my last post! So I found some cuteness and
kindness to try to make up for it!!
The above pic is Caleb's "secret hideout". Not so much secret - but it works
for him!
Here's Lukey watching Dora and telling me "no!"!
Our awesome home teacher gave us this! He works for
the company! Check out the 85 spf - crazy!
This should last us through the summer, or two, for sure!!


Ooooh! I am so irritated! My Aubrey has had a fever of 101+ since
Saturday night and yesterday picked up a cough that has
her throwing up! I personally don't like antibiotics. I
would rather treat, colds and coughs, y'know the
minor stuff on my own. I believe it helps the little guys
build up a better immunity. Well, since her fever was
touch and go, she'd had a blessing, and had been up
all night coughing, I figured maybe something more
serious was going on! So I sit at the Dr.'s w/Aubrey
sobbing and Luke wailing the whole time just to have him
tell me she's fine and to give her Triametic (sp?) and
Tylenol for her fever. Thanks genius,
I've been giving her that medicine all weekend. Oh, and
remember little Lukey crying for me - he finds the
trash can with the little pedal to entertain himself - &
the Dr. asked me to have him stop!!! What the crap
is the harm in Lukey stepping on the pedal - it made no noise!!
Btw I know there is a cough medicine that has
codeine in it that helps little guys. I would really want
that as a very last resort - but I would like to be given
the option!!

Soccer & Hiking

Mike had a soccer game that was early enough for us to go watch!
Our future soccer star? Absolutely!
Reminds me of Off The Wall - just a bit bigger & cleaner!;)
Hands down, the best thing in Las Vegas for all of us to do together!
Red Rock! Awesome hiking and rock climbing! The kids
amaze me with their climbing abilities, especially Caleb! He'll
be on the ropes with his daddy before I know it!
Love, love, love when little guys crouch! Dang cute!
Bubba holds his own! He's our spider monkey! He'll climb up any
rock on his hands and feet! ;)


So you ever feel like you've just been knocked upside the head?
I just got done w/preschool, the girls got picked up,
then went to pick up Caleb from kindergarten and came home.
I started to feel, I don't know stir crazy & a little sorry for myself!
Why can't I be in Chico? I could pop on over to my mom's or
call Val and go to the park - or something! I am really
out of my element here (w/no family around at all!) and sometimes
I get really tired of trying!! I know that sounds awful, I wish I were perfect.
Then I get an email from a laurel in my young womens.
She's had pancreatic cancer for the last 2 years.
She has an amazing spirit. She is one of the most selfless people, especially
at 16, that I've ever had the chance of meeting.
She went to the UCLA last week - now she is losing her stomach and pancreas.
Love you J*!
Puts things into perspective. Trying is easy. Watching your
little girl go through this, not so easy. I'm so grateful for my testimony.
I'm so grateful for my Savior.

Saint George

We took my mom to Staint George, as Aubrey calls it, to meet
my aunt and cousin.
This is my great-great-great Aunt Olive! Doesn't she look fantastic!
She's 93! She is just hilarious and so fun to visit with!
This is Aubrey w/my cousins' baby girl Danielle. Darling, huh?
Aubrey fell in love with her! I'm so excited
to see her with baby Tess!
Oh, and the fat belly in the background belongs to me!
We found this fun dinosaur museum that is built around an actual
dinosaur dig site - super fun and the kids had a ball!
So tired on the way home!
I love, love, love Saint George! Good shopping, lots of parks
and actual grass and big trees! The Old Navy has a table for the kids
to color at & a T.V. to watch movies on for crying
out loud! Love this place!;)

Fun at the park!

We stopped by the park to eat some lunch and play on the swings!
We've had such beautiful weather! It was 81 degrees the other day!

Bubba turns 2!

Well, he doesn't actually turn 2 until the 25th, but since
G&G are here we decided to celebrate!
Dang this kid is cute, isn't he?
Chubs has a huge love for Elmo!
These pics are so grainy! Maybe my camera will break and Mike will be
"forced" to buy me an upgrade!;)
Caleb & Aubrey chowing on cupcakes!
We went to Tony Roma's for a yummy dinner, well the
best thing about my dinner was the strawberry lemonade!
While at dinner, I get a phone call from Mike saying he'd been
in an accident - no worries, he & his car are fine. Then
a phone call from my sis Ali saying her car was having major issues!
Then home for cupcakes & presents!
It was a pretty eventful evening!
{Ali so sorry about your car! You'll find another one! And, to
the girl who broke her leg in the're in our prayers!}

Hiking & The Zoo

Since G&G are here visiting we've been busy!
We went hiking yesterday up to Red Rock.
We went to the zoo today - Luke liked the turtles, the real and fake ones!
Luke & Grandma peeking at the turtles!
Aubrey liked the turtles too!
Caleb & Grandpa!

glammed up & shirtless

This kid is so dang cute! He loves to have his clothes off!
But take his daddy away & he is not a happy camper!
We were so glad to have daddy back from Phoenix!

So I left the little ones with Mike while I went to my ultrasound appointment.
This is what I came home to!

Why all the Kleenex's? Who knows!

Here's what the little cuties were up to
while Mom was away!

They had stripped my bed in order to jump on it and nabbed wooden spoons
from the kitchen for who knows what reason! Aubrey had glammed up
Luke w/her dress-up jewelry!
Check out the clip in his spiky hair!

July 23rd!

Yeah! The best news you can hear at your 18-20 week ultrasound, other than
everything is going great with your baby, is that your due date is 4 days earlier!
I know, 4 days big deal! But it's 4 days closer now and on Caleb's birthday! Yeah!!
She's on her way to be a chub! Her estimated birth weight is 81/2 lbs!
The pic above has nothing to do with baby Tess, but these 2 were being
so cute yesterday sharing tic tacs!

Weekend Fun!

The only pictures I got of Aubrey's party! The mad rush for the candy after the pinata had been busted! Notice Mike had to resort to holding the pinata - it's the sort of thing you see on AFV that makes you say, idiot! Ha! Thankfully there were no injuries to the daddy or the little Luke who just couldn't stay away from the pinata!

We had a mad game of indoor soccer over the weekend! It was a riot to watch!

Lukey has the best ball handling skills out of the kids!
This is Aubrey's victory dance after kicking the soccer ball!

Here are the kiddos just chillin playing board games!