Saint George

We took my mom to Staint George, as Aubrey calls it, to meet
my aunt and cousin.
This is my great-great-great Aunt Olive! Doesn't she look fantastic!
She's 93! She is just hilarious and so fun to visit with!
This is Aubrey w/my cousins' baby girl Danielle. Darling, huh?
Aubrey fell in love with her! I'm so excited
to see her with baby Tess!
Oh, and the fat belly in the background belongs to me!
We found this fun dinosaur museum that is built around an actual
dinosaur dig site - super fun and the kids had a ball!
So tired on the way home!
I love, love, love Saint George! Good shopping, lots of parks
and actual grass and big trees! The Old Navy has a table for the kids
to color at & a T.V. to watch movies on for crying
out loud! Love this place!;)


Annette said...

What a fun day! Can't wait to see you guys!

Tiffany said...

Can't wait to see you either!;)

Kristin said...

I love the picture of the kids sleeping! and what fat belly???
Hey tell Annette hi from when you talk to her!

Annalisa said...

how fun.