Ooooh! I am so irritated! My Aubrey has had a fever of 101+ since
Saturday night and yesterday picked up a cough that has
her throwing up! I personally don't like antibiotics. I
would rather treat, colds and coughs, y'know the
minor stuff on my own. I believe it helps the little guys
build up a better immunity. Well, since her fever was
touch and go, she'd had a blessing, and had been up
all night coughing, I figured maybe something more
serious was going on! So I sit at the Dr.'s w/Aubrey
sobbing and Luke wailing the whole time just to have him
tell me she's fine and to give her Triametic (sp?) and
Tylenol for her fever. Thanks genius,
I've been giving her that medicine all weekend. Oh, and
remember little Lukey crying for me - he finds the
trash can with the little pedal to entertain himself - &
the Dr. asked me to have him stop!!! What the crap
is the harm in Lukey stepping on the pedal - it made no noise!!
Btw I know there is a cough medicine that has
codeine in it that helps little guys. I would really want
that as a very last resort - but I would like to be given
the option!!


Addison, Crew, Carter & Canon's Mama said...

I am so sorry! Having a sick child is the worst! I hope she gets well soon!

Kristin said...

Nothing worse than feeling helpless because your kids are sick! hope they get better soon!

Melissa Slocum, M. Ed. said...

That's awful! We took Josh to the Emergency room early one morning just to have the Doctor tell us it was nothing. Josh had been crying all night and he doesn't do that. Then he cried all day until I finally took him to the immediate care where they found an ear infection and I had to ask for Tylenol with codeine just so we could get some sleep. The doctor at the ER made me so mad because he acted like we were just over protective parent wasting his time.