This post reminds me so much of my Dad! Lately Aubrey has been telling us that she wants to be a librarian when she grows up! So cute! So she's been playing library just about every day! This is her most current library she set up the other night. Oh, and she always has her "assistant" in tow! Seriously, Tessa does whatever Aubrey wants her to do! Her favorite is to be her pet doggy! She'll even bark! Love these girls!

Our Aubrey girl turned 6 last weekend! She woke up the morning of her birthday, not early at all!lol, and opened up her presents from me and Mike and her brothers and sister.

{Don't you love Lukey streaking by with just his undies on?! Haha!}

She invited friends from her primary class over to help us celebrate! The decorations were really darling and I'm kicking myself that I didn't get more pictures, but with 15 kiddos running around my house I just couldn't find a second to get any more taken! We had a pinata & played a bunch of games.
What's a party without cake & presents?!

Mike took some of the boys out in the back to play 3 flies up!

And of course we had to have a dance party!;) I don't know if you can tell from the pictures but there are 3 other kiddos with red hair! It is so cute to see so many red heads sitting in the CTR 5 class every week in primary!

We LOVE Aubrey so much and of course can't imagine life without her! She is such a sweetheart and I love her little sassy matches her red hair just perfectly! I remember when I delivered her 6 years ago. It was such an easy pregnancy. She came 3 weeks early, from the first contraction at 6:30 on a Saturday morning until she came just before 8:00 that same morning it was super fast and hard just how I like it! She was my littlest baby at 5 lbs, 8 oz. {The other three were over 8 lbs!} I remember thinking she looked exactly how I envisioned her, pretty blue eyes and red hair. She was our sweetheart baby being born just 2 days before Valentines Day. The nurses of course made a huge fuss over her! I swear at every shift change she had a different bow in her hair! She loves her baby sister Tess so much! She reminds me of me and my sister Ali. I've always loved Ali & thought she was the cutest thing ever and I can see that Aubrey feels the that same way about Tess. I am just so incredibly blessed to have her in my life!
Itty bitty braid for miss Tess! She wasn't in the "best" mood to take pictures today!lol!

Miss Tessa's palm and thumb don't need to be wrapped anymore! Yay! I am really just astounded at how fast and well they are healing! Her middle finger will need surgery to correct the curvature and then some skin grafting. The ring finger should be okay, but may need grafting as well. She hates the new medicine and wrapping, poor baby, so I'm hoping we can switch back to the old medicine soon! She is just an amazing little girl!

Our "Valentinesque" front door!

Tessa's new trick! She'll say, "Na na na na na!" and then take off running! Too much fun.

Just thought these shots of the cutest girls ever were way fun!

Letting Tessa out of my site for 10 seconds...

"Not a lame barbie movie!" {etc, etc, etc...}
Caleb about 2 minutes after his anti barbie rant!

My kiddos this past week!

Tessa being Tessa! Even though she's has a bandaged hand she's still our little mischief maker! This time she found my lipstick!

How we bathed missy before her hand was allowed to get wet.

My first day changing Tessa's bandage all by myself. Aubrey had to get her "nurse" on too!

Poor Lukey bonked his mouth! Complete mystery how he did it...poor kiddo!

Caleb & Mike on their hiking trip!