Our neighborhood puts on an October Harvest Celebration and this year we were able to go. Hands down the best carnival for kiddos. There were so many games and balloons and foot races and goodies for the kids. They had a ball and the weather was beautiful.

We walked across the new bridge down at Hoover Dam. It was really neat to see the dam from the other side. There were so many people there it made it kinda hard to stop and take pictures. But we managed to get a few!

Miss Tess was the ONLY kiddo who would sit long enough for me to take their picture and she's still moving enough to make the pictures blurry!! lol! I'm gonna have to come up with some sort of bribe for the next party they have so I can get some good shots of them all dressed up! Our ward had trunk or treat the other night. To say the kids were excited would be a huge understatement!

Here's just a few little things I've been doing lately...;)

A yummy caramel sauce I made for the teachers/helpers in Primary. So good!!

Revamped some candles!

Tutus made!! And a witches' hat!

We are SO ready for Halloween!!

Caleb had an assignment from school to make a haunted house. I admit I completely forgot about it until last night! Sunday night no less, so we scrounged up things we had around the house and thankfully Caleb was happy with it! Aubrey had to make a witch face and Luke a mummy face! Such funny kiddos!

I love making candies and goodies! This is my first batch of divinity this year. Yum! Tessa is the only kiddo who likes it!

The little guys just chillin' the other day. Luke thought he needed to go through the Halloween costume bin and try everything on! lol! Here he is as a soccer player!

The other day it was "crazy hair day" at school. So here are Caleb and Aubrey showing their school spirit. Caleb has a green C on his head...that's all he would let me do!

We had the chance to go visit my sister in SLC. She had beautiful baby girl Quincee and we got to go to her blessing. My other sisters and Mom and Dad were there too! Sweet Quincee had her daddy, 3 uncles, a grandpa and a grandpa great participate in the blessing. It was a tremendous experience to be able to witness the power that circle held. My family is the best!
Here's a few shots of some of my nieces. Aren't they just darling? And Tessa was all tuckered out after we had family photos taken. Most of my pictures are stuck on my camera! They won't upload to my computer...I'm still trying to figure that one out!

The reason we all got together! She is just precious! I wanted to eat her up!

We went down to Newport Beach last weekend and I swear we brought half the beach back with us! It was so nice out and we had a blast playing in the sand and water. Tessa was terrified if she went near the water or the sand! So she chilled on the beach towels the whole time. Made my job a lot easier! lol! I just wish we lived even closer to the ocean. We actually saw a few dolphins, right off shore. They were jumping and playing so close to us! It was so fun to see! I got some good shots of them on the camcorder. If I can figure out how to put a video on here I'll post it.;)

The kiddos did so great in the car! It was a ton of driving for one day!