We're headed to Cali!

We're headed out to California!! My beautiful niece i s getting baptized on Saturday! We love you Caitlyn!! Before we leave I just wanted to stick this pic onto our blog. It was grandparents day at Caleb's school last week - since g & g are in California , Mike, being the good daddy he is , went with Caleb. Ah Mike, congrats on being a grandparent -

Fun Times

So here's how our week was! All smiles and play! Sooner or later Aubrey will always finds a place to crash and Luke somehow loses his clothes!

Potty Tormenting

This morning I heard a certain little girls voice yelling "No Luke!", so I ran to the downstairs bathroom to witness this - who says 18 month-olds don't know how to torment! Maybe Aubrey will shut the door from now on!

Big boy bike riding

Caleb decided it was time to say goodbye to the training wheels! He wants to show his Grandma Jones that he can ride without them when we see her next week. He told me that he needs to practice everyday when daddy gets home. Apparently I am not strong enough to help him! Aubrey just looks so cute on her bike, I had to put a pic of her in there too, barefoot of course!

In an attempt to salvage our exhausting Labor Day, we went up to the mountains for dinner and FHE, although I think the only thing the kids would eat were Doritos!
Due to thunderstorms and flash flood warnings our labor day camping plans were put on hold. On Monday we decided to travel down to the Virgin River to picnic and let the kids swim. This might have been one of our worst ideas ever. The Virgin River is not like the clear beautiful rivers in California. This river is a muddy, murky mess. Since we just drove for an hour and a half we decided to make the most of it. We had to hike down a hillside just to get to the water. 8 trips later all of gear was set up and the bbq hot for our hot dogs, that were sitting at home in our fridge! We were exhaused, hot and muddy but the kids had a ball!