We celebrated Caleb's birthday by going camping this last weekend! We had a ton of fun! It was just too short!

The kiddos having fun at a splash park in St. George. It was way fun to see the kids having so much fun, but it was dang hot! We're talking 110!! 105 is my limit! lol!

Caleb turned 7!! He wouldn't pause from opening presents to let me take a picture! He was very excited! He told us, "One more year to go before I can get baptized!". What a sweetheart he is!

The other day Mike was running errands in the evening, and Lukey, all ready for bed, was determined to "scare" his daddy when he got home! He put this box by the front door and climbed right in! This kid is just hilarious!

Miss Aubrey lost her 1st tooth! Right in the middle of Target! To say she was excited would be an understatement!

Guess where we're headed this weekend?! Cross your fingers that Tessa girl does alright! She's a busy little thing, emptying any drawer she can reach in seconds! This will be her very first camping trip!

Our sweet baby Tessa Jane turned 1!!

She is pure joy and brings such happiness into our household! She's a true Boulant baby with 8 teeth, crawled at 4 months, walking by 10 months! The only exception is she's the only kiddo who got her daddy's beautiful brown eyes!
I came up with a new idea with some braids. I thought it turned out pretty cute! {Notice the new rug! Mike made us a new one last night to replace the ruined one. We're getting the house back to normal, one step at a time! lol!}

Oh! Our downstairs flooded!! This is our front room and bedroom for the next week and a half until the new carpet comes! It's a good thing I'm not uptight at all, have a totally laid back personality and doesn't freak out when things aren't organized!! Pray for me, please!! lol!

I found these little cuties reading books today! Aubrey had pushed the side table, between our couches, to the wall and made a little "hideout". Tessa thought it was great! Lukey found his way in too!

We went up to a friend's cabin last weekend...tons of fun. Aubrey HAD to wear her swim suit cover up the.whole.day.! She's too fun. I love the picture of Tessa! Anything that's remotely soft, even her brother's hat, she has to hug up to her face! **Missy has 8, yes, that's 8 teeth now, walks around everywhere and is quite the chatterbox! She's still my shadow and puts her arms up when she wants me to hold her! Melts my heart!!

Miss Aubrey has her very first loose tooth! Here she is showing it off! And yeah, she's wearing last years Halloween witch costume!;)

Happy 4th of July!

We went to a swim park on Saturday, too much fun! The kids loved the kids pool and Caleb loved the water slide!

Miss Tessa was so cute the other day pushing her baby in the stroller! She's just grown up so fast! I can't believe she'll be 1 in a couple of weeks!

A few shot of the kiddos while we were shopping the other day!