The other day Mike was running errands in the evening, and Lukey, all ready for bed, was determined to "scare" his daddy when he got home! He put this box by the front door and climbed right in! This kid is just hilarious!

Miss Aubrey lost her 1st tooth! Right in the middle of Target! To say she was excited would be an understatement!

Guess where we're headed this weekend?! Cross your fingers that Tessa girl does alright! She's a busy little thing, emptying any drawer she can reach in seconds! This will be her very first camping trip!


Kerri said...

We went camping when Lexie was that age, she loved it. I had to let go of the "clean" idea the whole time we were there!!!

Steven said...

Is the Tooth Fairy ready? Catch her in the act and prove she is real!

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Annette said...

Yeah! I hope camping was fun! Happy Birthday to Caleb! We love you sweetie :)