It was pirate day at school a couple of weeks ago. The eye patches were the only the things the kiddos would wear! But they showed they're school spirit and we hear "Arr" all day long...even from Tessa!

Just a few cute {and more importantly, easy!} things I did last week! The family rules is just the cutest! I mod podged it onto a sheet of metal. The idea is to put a magnet on whichever "rule" someone is following at any given, right? And the lantern I've had forever. I decided it needed a little representation of the Boulant name! Haha!

And I had to stick this picture in, even if it's a little grainy due to the sports mode my camera was in! I wanted to capture this quick so I didn't want to waste time changing the mode or whatever. She is such a cutie. She loves baby dolls and loves to put them her backpack. I overheard her saying "Shhh" as she was holding this doll the other day! Melted my heart!
I want to put this on my blog because this experience really strengthened my testimony of relying on the Savior...meaning trusting Him, turning to prayer when I'm scared, having faith in priesthood blessings and how much I know I'm blessed to have my sisters, husband and parents.

Last Thursday I found a lump in one of my breasts. I went to my OB that day and they referred me to a radiologist to have a sonogram and biopsy. All I could think about was chemotherapy. I believe I was prompted by the Spirit to let my sisters and parents know what was going on. I didn't want to worry them but I needed their support. I felt their prayers & the prayers of their sweet children. I have an amazing husband who is worthy of the priesthood to give me a blessing. The next day I went in for the tests. I had my sonogram and not 5 minutes latert they told me it's benign! I didn't even need the biopsy! I didn't have to wait for days for the test results! I felt like I couldn't really breath for two days and I got my breath back! I know the faith of my family sped this process along and gave me the strength to put my trust in the Lord. I am so grateful for the Gospel, the Savior, my family and my testimony. "I believe in Christ, so come what may". This is how I can deal with life's challenges because I can simply rely on Him.
My sister Carrie & hubs Mike came down for the weekend to support me! Their 5 girls are darling! I can't believe I didn't get a picture of Carrie's baby Quincee...oh my goodness, such a chubby little cutie pie! We took them to some of our favorite places and we had a blast together!
We celebrated Mike's birthday on Sunday night!

We went up to Red Rock on of our favorite places!

Driving go karts! Caleb was beyond excited that he was tall enough to drive the bigger go karts all by himself!


We made it up to the snow this past weekend and had an absolute blast! With 3 weeks of somebody being sick it was such a relief to have everyone feeling good and being able to spend time with each other outside of the house!

Tessa waves "bye bye" to her daddy every morning. She always does it with both hands, one hand lower than the other. We kinda caught it in this cute!

Just a few shots of us going down the hill. One of the amazing things I love about Mike is he manages to make all of our outings so much fun. He "surfed" down the hill, only eating it the first time, all the while entertaining us all! {It was everything in me not to pee my pants from laughing!} I have the best family!

Aubrey and her snowman! Haha! She's such a cutie!

Love this kid! This sums up what a great time we had!

We are FINALLY all feeling better! No more sleepless nights! {knock on wood} Yay! So this is what the kids have been up to this last week!
Tessa girl loves her baby dolls! She's 2 weeks away from going to nursery. I just can't believe it. Where did my baby go?!

Having a snack the other day! Tessa has now officially graduated to the booster seat! {Only because she refuses to sit in the high chair!lol!}

Caleb's first piano lesson! I.LOVE.this! There is nothing better than listening to my child playing the piano!