The Sacramento Temple

Mike and I had the opportunity to do some work with my family at the temple while we were in California! It was extra special because we got to do some work for some members of my dad's family! What a fantastic day!

A Very Jonesy Christmas

Aubrey, Caleb and Luke had a fantastic Christmas! We drove up to see my family and Mike's brothers in California. It was so fun to see everyone and had a blast organizing Christmas for 13 kiddos!

These are Carrie's oldest girls showing off their new watches!
Here are Val's oldest girls enjoying their Christmas morning! All the kids were so entertaining to see and play with!


Look behind the cutie and you'll see snow! Snow in Vegas! (although I found out that it usually snows here once a year) Last night I was looking at my friend's blog and she was sharing pics of the snow at her house and I started to wish for snow! What a surprise to wake up this morning to see the beautiful snow here! Luke just wants to grab the snowflakes as they're falling!
Preschool was fun this morning! The girls loved to look out the door and watch the snow!
As soon as Caleb was home it was out the door they went! What fun!!

Mother Goose Time

All right - here are the 3 cuties that I get to spend 3 mornings with each week! All 3 girls will be 4 next year and going into Sunbeams together! They are too much fun! Their moms and I ordered curriculum from and love it! They get to spend time together, do crafts, dance and learn about the world around them! I think it's a perfect pre - preschool for Aubrey! Oh, here in the desert Christmas trees go for $75!! We saw one over $90! So artificial we went this year! We missed trecking around Cohasset and Paradise and cutting our own, but I am surprisingly happy with this tree!

"Come What May & Love It"

Elder Joseph B. Wirthlin passed away on Monday and his funeral service is being held today. His last talk given in our General Conference was "Come what may & love it". Identifying the adversity in trials and choosing to deal with them gracefully is a goal of mine that I hope I am achieving. What courage it takes to face adversity and endure! What an awesome example of service to the Lord Elder Wirthlin has been to all of us! I remember him always bearing a tremendous testimony! I am grateful for the things I have learned from him!

Duck, Duck, Goose Anyone?

So last night Mike got a phone call right before the kids' bedtime so I led us all in our family prayer. During which, Luke decided it was time to play. He got up and proceeded to tap me, Aubrey and Caleb on the head saying duck at all the appropriate times -how am I supposed to keep any sort of reverence with that going on? It was everything in me not to bust out laughing!! This kid keeps me on my toes and keeps all of us laughing!