I have the best memories of making bread w/my mom
growing up! The smell of baking bread was a staple in
my mom's kitchen! She would shape some into loaves
and save the rest for yummy scones!! My bread will
never look or taste as good as hers - but I love baking
it & having the house smell so yummy!!
Aubrey's helping butter the tops
fresh out of the oven! Her top knot's a bit out of
control! (It's super windy here) Hehe! But oh boy how this
little girl loves to help cook!
Cute little Tess was so comfy in her bumbo she fell asleep!
What a cute little fatty she is!
She has gotten really good at grabbing toys - her bouncer
toys & car seat toys - the toys that are right in front of her.
I was so surprised the other day when she grabbed this
little doggy that was by her during her "tummy time". And
she got him by his ear! So cute!!
Look at the chubby little arm! :)
Growing up we always had a Sunday roast. We have one
once or twice or month now. I am not
a big meat eater, but roast is dang good!
Thank you, thank you to whoever
invented the crock pot!
Caleb spent a lot of our Sunday playing catch with
his daddy in the backyard.
The ladies that are in the co-op preschool group
took the kiddos to a pumpkin patch for a field trip!
Luke was mad at me in this picture. He wanted to
try the swing ride and didn't like it so much - apparently
he blamed that on me!;)
He's a bit upset in this picture :( Aubrey's looking
back trying to reassure him! Poor Luke!
I found this cute little poem for a "Boo" drop & run - so
Aubrey got to pick 2 friends to drop these goodies off at!
We'll do a few of Caleb's friends next. We couldn't figure
out a way for the kids to actually do the drop & running, so
I was the one who ran for it! Ha! It's funny how something
so simple can be so much fun! The kids loved it!!
I woke up this morning to find that I had been
"dropped & runned" by Caleb! He gave me
my phone! What a cutie he is!!
We went to a little Halloween Carnival at the Galleria
in Henderson. Each ride seriously went around 3
times tops and cost about 5 bucks!! I couldn't believe the
rides were so short!! Mike and I were just speechless -
but the kiddos had a blast and that's what counts, right?
At least that's what we were telling each other!!
They loved the ATV ride - I think this ride went around twice -
I am seriously not exaggerating!
Here's a cute shot of Tessa!
Well little missy is now my sleeping beauty! I put her
down last night at 8:00 and she didn't get up until
10:00 this morning! I have been amazed at her
sleeping through the night since she was just a few
weeks old, but this just blew me away!! It was her
first night is footsie jammies - maybe they
just made her extra comfy!!
We went to Caleb's back to school night last night!
He loves his classroom and his teacher! He
was too shy to get a picture with her, but he was
such a good sport and let me take this one!
I've been told that his teacher is LDS - I think now,
if she hasn't figured it out, that we are LDS as well. Caleb
brought home a pencil yesterday and told me his
teacher wouldn't let him use it because it was red.
I looked at it - it was his scripture marker pencil that
said scripture marker on it!! I bet she giggled a bit
when she saw it!! I am just so proud of Caleb and
the awesome turn around he's had about
adjusting to the 1st grade! He is an awesome kid -
his enthusiasm is infectious!!
So I'm in Target looking for a bottle keeper - you know
the kind that keeps your baby's bottle of formula or breast milk fresh & I
found this beauty! Not only can you attach your baby's
bottle to any bag but you can warm it up in the car!!
It has a lighter attachment and a
built in warmer right inside!! Amazing!
That back pouch is where the attachment for the
lighter is stored! So super smart!!
These two have been having the greatest time this
morning! Some days it's all out war between them - so
I am extra grateful for mornings like this!!
We just couldn't resist playing a bit this afternoon!!
They are too much fun! They're just a little
excited for trick-or-treat!! Lukey is "roaring" super loud
& Aubrey is doing her best witch laugh - they scared the
dickens out of Tessa! Oh boy does she get mad when she
gets startled! Her daddy gave her a zerbert (sp?) on her cheek
a couple of days ago, scared her half to death - she
let her daddy know about it!
She's the cutest butterfly I've ever seen!
Look at those chubby cheeks!!

Lukey was so good while I made bread this morning!
He loves Tess' bumbo - he calls it a pumpkin! We
haven't figured that one out yet!
I think every little boy plays this way with his cars!

We tried out Tess' bumbo today! Oh, she is just
the cutest thing!
Silly girl!
Luke thought it was the funniest thing to sit in it!
Lukey is my buddy. He is so fun and loving!
Where does he come up with these faces?

I just have to kiss and kiss these cute little cheeks!
**The photos of Lukey were taken courtesy of Aubrey -
I think I have a little photographer on my hands!!**
We love going to the pumpkin patch! They have fun pumpkins
to pick from and rides to go on! I'm just grateful that it's
cool enough to wear a sweatshirt!! Yay!
Lukey wouldn't go into the bounce house! Caleb & Aubrey
were laughing so hard at first they couldn't even stay
up long enough to jump!
Here are the kiddos on one of the "rides". They are so funny
and home made - but just perfect for the kids!

Align CenterI cannot get missy to smile long enough to get a
good picture! I love this outfit and needed to get a
picture of her in it - look at those boots!!
(Check out her little fatty rolls on her legs! We can't help
but squeeze them!!) Caleb & Aubrey love her
chubby chin.

Here's how Lukey rounded out the day!! What
a cute little sweetheart!


Okay, it's already been established that my camera stinks - so
please ignore how grainy these photos are!!:(
Aren't these girlies so cute! Aubrey has
been so excited about getting to be "twinners"
with Tessa. a.k.a. matching outfits! Well, most
clothing lines don't offer 0-3 month clothing that goes along
with their line up to 5T - so...yep, 9 week old Tess fits into
0-3 month old clothes no more!! She's right into 3-6 months!
No joke - so this morning was Aubrey's long awaited first,
of many I'm sure, day of being "twinners" with her baby sister.
(To call her obsessed would be a huge understatement!)

You would think we can never get a smile out of Tess!
She laughs at the ceiling fans for crying out loud! But no
smiles that lasted long enough to photograph this morning!
Tessa's eyes, to me, are looking very brown like her Daddy's!
All the other kiddos are blue-eyed! How fun would that be?

"chipmunks! come get your fresh nuts!"

This little miss just keeps me entertained! This is her
chipmunk stakeout where she called out "Chipmunks! Come
get your fresh nuts!"
So cute! My camera doesn't do her cuteness justice!
We spotted one!!
Here's her bait! a.k.a. mixed nuts from Costco.

This is her reenactment of the chipmunk! Silly girl!