Mike took Caleb to his first Nascar race this afternoon! Caleb was just beside himself with excitement!

I just got back from my Dr.'s appointment! Aubrey is excited that she's getting
a baby sister! Yeah! We had to go to Target and get a dress
for the baby to celebrate!


This is a gratitude journal I made for my girls in Young Women. It got me to thinking about things I'm grateful for everyday - after my awesome husband and beautiful kids - a few things popped in my head! I have to eat a ton in order not to be nauseas, corn flakes always do the trick! Water, water, and more water is always good - Dasani makes that easier! I work out to try, in vain, not to get fat and the best invention ever, the Ipod, saves me on the treadmill!
oh, my 18 week dr appt. is tomorrow! We find out what we're having! ;)

Darth Vader vs. The Butterfly

Okay, I know I just posted, but when I saw this on Saturday night I had to grab my camera and share how cute these kids are! Darth Vader (apparently Caleb's Bumblebee mask is interchangeable) chasing a butterfly! Caleb had the deep breathing going on and Aubrey could hardly run because she was laughing so hard! Dang cute!

My Aubrey Girl is 4!

Our Aubrey turned 4 yesterday! She is such a big girl! I remember when I had the sonogram that showed us she was a girl. Seriously one of the happiest moments in my life. I pictured a sweet little red head, and that's what I got! She's quick to tell you she loves you, does a dang good job keeping up with Caleb and helps take care of Luke! She has to call her daddy everyday to talk to him and ask him when he'll be home. She loves to wrestle with her daddy, play with her little girlfriends, dance and watch Barbie movies. I love this little girl!

Luke just thinks he's so cool with his sunglasses on - he wears them every time we're out and even shoves them back on top of his head!

The night before her birthday Aubrey told me she wants birthday cards. I reassured her she'd get one from Grandma for sure, but she said,"Not those cards!". Then Caleb said, "No Mom, the love cards like you gave me when I turned 5!". Ha! They're little posters I've made for all of them on their birthdays and put up all over the walls! I don't know who started that in the Jones family, it wasn't me, but the tradition goes on!

They're chowing on some morning cupcakes! I know I'm a sucker when it comes to sweets but it was her birthday and she was bringing some to her preschool. Yum!

Here's Aubrey and her new earrings! One day about a month ago she told me she wanted her ears pierced! (I don't think her friend Taylor, who is always sporting cute little hoops, had anything to do with it!) She did great and the girls that did it, doubled up - so smart, were fabulous with her!
We have to wait until the 28th for her friend party - hopefully the candy I have in her pinata survives until then!;)