The Sacramento Temple

Mike and I had the opportunity to do some work with my family at the temple while we were in California! It was extra special because we got to do some work for some members of my dad's family! What a fantastic day!

A Very Jonesy Christmas

Aubrey, Caleb and Luke had a fantastic Christmas! We drove up to see my family and Mike's brothers in California. It was so fun to see everyone and had a blast organizing Christmas for 13 kiddos!

These are Carrie's oldest girls showing off their new watches!
Here are Val's oldest girls enjoying their Christmas morning! All the kids were so entertaining to see and play with!


Look behind the cutie and you'll see snow! Snow in Vegas! (although I found out that it usually snows here once a year) Last night I was looking at my friend's blog and she was sharing pics of the snow at her house and I started to wish for snow! What a surprise to wake up this morning to see the beautiful snow here! Luke just wants to grab the snowflakes as they're falling!
Preschool was fun this morning! The girls loved to look out the door and watch the snow!
As soon as Caleb was home it was out the door they went! What fun!!

Mother Goose Time

All right - here are the 3 cuties that I get to spend 3 mornings with each week! All 3 girls will be 4 next year and going into Sunbeams together! They are too much fun! Their moms and I ordered curriculum from and love it! They get to spend time together, do crafts, dance and learn about the world around them! I think it's a perfect pre - preschool for Aubrey! Oh, here in the desert Christmas trees go for $75!! We saw one over $90! So artificial we went this year! We missed trecking around Cohasset and Paradise and cutting our own, but I am surprisingly happy with this tree!

"Come What May & Love It"

Elder Joseph B. Wirthlin passed away on Monday and his funeral service is being held today. His last talk given in our General Conference was "Come what may & love it". Identifying the adversity in trials and choosing to deal with them gracefully is a goal of mine that I hope I am achieving. What courage it takes to face adversity and endure! What an awesome example of service to the Lord Elder Wirthlin has been to all of us! I remember him always bearing a tremendous testimony! I am grateful for the things I have learned from him!

Duck, Duck, Goose Anyone?

So last night Mike got a phone call right before the kids' bedtime so I led us all in our family prayer. During which, Luke decided it was time to play. He got up and proceeded to tap me, Aubrey and Caleb on the head saying duck at all the appropriate times -how am I supposed to keep any sort of reverence with that going on? It was everything in me not to bust out laughing!! This kid keeps me on my toes and keeps all of us laughing!

Sugar Cookies

One of my favorite things about Christmas time is baking yummy things to eat!! After church today, and a visit from our home teachers, Caleb, Aubrey and I made some yummy cookies! While the cookies were baking, the kiddos were making treasure maps on the kitchen floor! Little Luke missed out on our afternoon of baking!

Boulant Happenings

Here's Lukey's new game! You'd better learn to duck and cover or develop some mad reflexes in order to dodge flying toys!! Mike's been home just a couple of days and Aubrey already has a battle wound! My mom and dad bought Caleb the "grown up transformers" while they were out here - I've talked Caleb into cutting back to watching it just once a day!!;) BTW - is everyone getting ready for black friday?!!! Even though I'm shopping solo this year - I'm super excited!!

Baby Boulant

I've reached that point where I've started to get that feeling like I want another baby! Since Luke was born I've always felt we had another spirit in our family. So the time has come that we've thought and thought about it, prayed and prayed about it , and here we are....pregnant!! We can't wait ! We want a sister for Aubrey so bad, but would gladly take another boy! We feel so blessed! Come July we'll welcome home a new baby!!

The things you learn when there's no Mike around!

I just want to share a few things I've conquered in the last week or so. Although I had my parents here for 5 days of the 10 days Mike's been gone (so glad that worked out!) I've learned a few things. Like...making deposits from Mike's shop, that's all the way downtown and kinda in a scary place,into his bank account, paying a bill over the phone that got mixed up with auto pay, figuring out how to download java on the computer so I can order pics at Costco, taking care of the dead bugs I find in the house,taking the kids to church all by myself - and to Stake Conference to boot!! I just admire you women out there who put up with having a husband gone for a few weeks! You are awesome!!

Funny Faces

I think Grandpa left the kids with some of his silliness! Thank you so much for visiting us! We love you! The one time I want Luke to make a funny face, he smiles at me! I guess I just need to use reverse psychology on him!!;)

Playing With Grandma & Grandpa

My mom and dad are visiting us this week! We are so excited! They got to go with Caleb this morning to his classroom and had a special assembly! Of course all those pics are on my mom's camera! Last night we went down to the strip and walked through the Freemont Street Experience - and stopped by the Belagio (oh no, that spelling doesn't look right...) and got to see the fantastic water show! We even got a glimpse of the pirate battle outside of Treasure Island. Caleb still won't let us stop and get out to watch that one - in his defense, those pirate ships are huge and a bit daunting!;)

The Best of Luke

Here's my mad bread making skills! ha ha! My mom makes the best bread and shapes them just perfect! I think yesterday I shaped the best to date. Maybe someday I can make my bread look as good as hers! Here's our Lukey just up from a nap yesterday! We laughed at his hair and had to take a picture! On Monday night Luke was pooped! He couldn't make it through dinner!

A lazy Sunday afternoon

Here's how we spent our Sunday afternoon - Caleb and Aubrey love to color and cut and do activity books!


This is my fair warning! I love to look at my family's & friends' blogs! I hope you all enjoy mine too! Mike has a business trip that has taken him to Georgia for the the next 2 weeks - so, I'll be posting pics of our cuties every few days for him to see! Please don't think this is turning into some sort of trend or that I have turned into some neurotic obsessed mother over her kids! When Mike gets back, our blog will return to normal! I'm just asking for a bit of patience from all of you and to consider yourselves warned of some crazy amount of pictures of the Boulant children! ;) And if Caleb gets his way, which he won't, a guinea pig might find it's way into our home and family pictures! We haven't figured out yet what this new love for guinea pigs came from - kids are a riot!

I've been tagged

Okay - 7 random things about me....hmm....

1. I love eating peanut butter on rice cakes!
2. I love watching the Barbie animated movies - I do have a 3-year-old little girl - so it's not that random!!
3. I love to rearrange the furniture in my house!
4. I love to go yard saling!
5. I love to do little girls' hair!
6. I vacuum the carpet in my house 2-3 times a day!
7. I love to chew ice!

So I tag 7 of the cutest girls I know

Happy Halloween!!

We hope everyone had a fun Halloween! We sure did!


Here are the cuties on Halloween night - we went to a few neighbors, then up to a community where a lot of our ward lives. The kids had a ball, but were pooped from all the walking! It didn't take long for Luke to get the hang of it. He would walk right up to the door and knock, then put up his bag. We even got him to say "bat", although some ladies thought he dressed as a bee! Aubrey is my eclectic fairy - I let her choose the wand, wings, colors for her tutu and leotard and just threw it together - Caleb, a huge surprise, wanted to be a transformer! Las Vegas is perfect for trick-or-treating. The weather was awesome! I love dressing kids up in costumes and love to see what other mothers do with their kids! Defiantly my favorite part of Halloween!

Bumble Bee

Here's Bumble Bee, minus his mask, ready for school! My batteries ran out, so no pics at school with his buddies! We were so bummed - a pretty little fairy and a cutie little bat will make their way into more pictures tomorrow night!