The things you learn when there's no Mike around!

I just want to share a few things I've conquered in the last week or so. Although I had my parents here for 5 days of the 10 days Mike's been gone (so glad that worked out!) I've learned a few things. Like...making deposits from Mike's shop, that's all the way downtown and kinda in a scary place,into his bank account, paying a bill over the phone that got mixed up with auto pay, figuring out how to download java on the computer so I can order pics at Costco, taking care of the dead bugs I find in the house,taking the kids to church all by myself - and to Stake Conference to boot!! I just admire you women out there who put up with having a husband gone for a few weeks! You are awesome!!


Keith said...

try it for several months at a time, several times a year. all by yourself. you'll learn all sorts of goodies. :)

Keith said...


just had to stop by to tell you that your blog is always so gorgeous!
i love how you have it set-up and you find such neat backgrounds. :)