Mike was out of town this week so I finished up a few projects we had & please understand that I use the word "projects" loosely! It works like this, I see something cute in a store or magazine, take a picture of it with my phone, show it to the hubs and he builds it - of course with my own little tweek to it. The bench has been done for a while but I just haven't been in love with it, so I tried some other colors & am so much happier with it. The ladder has hooks in it so I can change out different holiday hangings. It fills my entry wall really well actually.

As soon as my scroll saw orientation is complete, I want to make whole holiday sets, ie stars and flags for the 4th of July (my fav. holiday to decorate for btw!).

Just some vinyl projects. So fun!

So, yeah I've been feeling not so hot about 2010. So, I've picked up a little hobby to *ahem* "try" to make things around me a bit cuter and little more fun! This is my first project!

Caleb's & Aubrey's "secret hideout"! They loved to put all their "treasure" in there and talk about "secret stuff"!

Oh my little Tessa is a mover! She's a full blown crawler and sits up! I so expected this, as all of my other kiddos did the same thing, but where did my tiny little baby go? Maybe because she's my last baby so I'm extra sad! It's a good thing my sister is expecting later this year! So fun!!

Hmm...I want this bunk bed for my girlies! Yup,
it's a bunk bed - look closely through the
window! It's just too darling, isn't it? But,
I have a magic blog. You see, I simply
put things from my wishy wish list and
poof I end up with it! {hence the PPB
tote, who needs Santa?}
On a more serious note, I don't like 2010
It's just blah, blah, blah!
So I plan to change that!
I came across a quote that basically states
that happiness is a state of mind. I
shouldn't wait for life to be perfect
to be happy - Like one of my girlfriends said
"it's all about clothes perspective!!" So, I'm just going to have to
make up my mind to be happy! Even if
all my sisters and Mom & Dad live
so far away!! I'll come up with
I'm forbidden to post anything about Mike,
hence no pictures of all the fun projects we've done
together, but I'm cheating a bit today! It was
his birthday yesterday & the kiddos helped
make cupcakes and spent the morning
making him birthday cards!
I think Lukey liked the frosting!
Tessa loves when Caleb makes faces - He can
get her laughing so hard - I really need
to get that on video! It's just too cute!
Thought Aubrey's hair turned out pretty
cute the other day - ;)

Pig's Bum

The other night the kids were playing with Mike -
Mike was in the pantry grabbing their feet & hands!
Luke came and told me, "There's a woop (wolf)
in the pantry!!"
Oh the many uses of the bumbo! She loved having
her bath in here! Of course her smiles disappeared
as soon as I took out the camera! She's too fun!
One of my nieces told me this looks like a pig's bum!
We laughed & laughed!!
So we partied it up last night! I took out the party
supply container and used a bit of "left overs" from
years past! We had My Little Pony, Hello Kitty,
Elmo and Sports all combined!!
Mike brought home some yummy cupcakes!
We played freeze dance and this was Luke's pose
every time he would freeze! Too funny!
Love Caleb! I love when he's on track break!
Aubrey dancing the night away!
No smiles from Miss Tess, no surprise, but she
loved the music and kept her party hat on
the whole night!
This is a shot from the other day. This little girl
loves her sippy - more importantly the juice inside!
Check out the death grip she has on it!
Aubrey has been to so sick this week & check out
her shiner! She hit heads with Luke last
week and the bruise is still lingering!
The two cuties in our household who are
still in diapers. I snapped this shot
the other night before I put their jammies on!
I've always loved babies in just
their diapers! Maybe it's because their
chubbiness is all that more accessible!!