I'm forbidden to post anything about Mike,
hence no pictures of all the fun projects we've done
together, but I'm cheating a bit today! It was
his birthday yesterday & the kiddos helped
make cupcakes and spent the morning
making him birthday cards!
I think Lukey liked the frosting!
Tessa loves when Caleb makes faces - He can
get her laughing so hard - I really need
to get that on video! It's just too cute!
Thought Aubrey's hair turned out pretty
cute the other day - ;)


heather said...

I didn't know it was his Birthday....Happy Birthday!
Those cupcakes look yummy.
Oh, and I love Aubrey's hair. So cute. You did that?!

Em said...

i need to learn all of these cute girl hairdo's! love that one!

Annalisa said...

love the cute hair on aubrey.

and i have a hubby who doesn't like to be mentioned on the blog either. he's warming up though.

Jen said...

Aubrey's hair looks so cute, I love it Tiff. Hope you did something fun for Mike's birthday.

Becky Nelson said...

LOVE her hair. I need to try that one on Bella. Happy birthday to Mike. I know I am way late, but I have not been on this computer for almost a week. I think that is a new world record for me. Have a great day.