So we partied it up last night! I took out the party
supply container and used a bit of "left overs" from
years past! We had My Little Pony, Hello Kitty,
Elmo and Sports all combined!!
Mike brought home some yummy cupcakes!
We played freeze dance and this was Luke's pose
every time he would freeze! Too funny!
Love Caleb! I love when he's on track break!
Aubrey dancing the night away!
No smiles from Miss Tess, no surprise, but she
loved the music and kept her party hat on
the whole night!
This is a shot from the other day. This little girl
loves her sippy - more importantly the juice inside!
Check out the death grip she has on it!
Aubrey has been to so sick this week & check out
her shiner! She hit heads with Luke last
week and the bruise is still lingering!
The two cuties in our household who are
still in diapers. I snapped this shot
the other night before I put their jammies on!
I've always loved babies in just
their diapers! Maybe it's because their
chubbiness is all that more accessible!!


Em said...

oh my goodness, that last pic is hysterical!!!

Annette said...

Great pictures! Thank you for posting them. I love all the party hats it looks like you had such a good time! Love you guys!