Hmm...I want this bunk bed for my girlies! Yup,
it's a bunk bed - look closely through the
window! It's just too darling, isn't it? But,
I have a magic blog. You see, I simply
put things from my wishy wish list and
poof I end up with it! {hence the PPB
tote, who needs Santa?}
On a more serious note, I don't like 2010
It's just blah, blah, blah!
So I plan to change that!
I came across a quote that basically states
that happiness is a state of mind. I
shouldn't wait for life to be perfect
to be happy - Like one of my girlfriends said
"it's all about clothes perspective!!" So, I'm just going to have to
make up my mind to be happy! Even if
all my sisters and Mom & Dad live
so far away!! I'll come up with


Unknown said...

My friend told me about a site where you can send her a pic like this and she will draw up the plans for it so you can make it yourself. It sounds pretty awesome. I guess she makes some pretty amazing stuff from the pottery barn catalog and rad places like that.

The Marshall Family said...

Oops, I didn't know I was signed in under my hubbys name, I left that comment from mike!

Tiffany said...

Anna - is it the knockoff wood site? Love it!!

TheBassettBunch said...

Tiff, I was just thinking the same thing about 2010 the other day. Then I walked by a sign in a craft store (actually I wasn't watching where I was walking and almost walked right into it) and it said "Choose Happiness"!I love little miracles! Good luck with the new perpective and the bed! Totally cute!

heather said...

That bunk bed is beautiful. I would love it too.
Yes, it is all about perspective. I have to keep telling myself that everyday. I forget. Thanks for this post.

AaronTara said...

I've looked at that same bunkbed online and loved it. I also liked another one that had a slide on one end. Hmmm... : D

Em said...

love those bunk beds. so cool!!!

Annette Lugo said...

I love the bed! I know my girls wouldn't be able to sleep on it they would just play on it all night.

Jen said...

Mike could totally make that. I love the bunkbeds, and I love what you said about having a better attitude. Thanks for sharing this. I certainly need to be reminded of it!

Annalisa said...

that bunkbed is AWESOME! i need to get the boys something like that, but boyish.