Watching these two play the wii is just hilarious! What kiddos aren't, right? Every time Aubrey serves, while playing tennis, she does a pirouette! Oh so funny!

Aubrey was an ANGEL the other day and let me nap while the little guys were asleep! Go ahead sweetheart, take all the photos you want if you'll give me 45 minutes of rest! Love her!!

Notice her "artwork" she added to the fireplace? lol!! Love that she paused Scooby Doo so she could take a picture of it!!
Yay! Our backyard is done!! Okay, it's the size of a shoebox, but come on, we're in Vegas. No more stinkin' rocks!! The patio was a bit extended and the rest of it, oh yes, were rocks! So, we're happy!!

I woke up this morning with my stomach in knots. Today I had an appointment with my OBGYN and even if I already knew what he'd say...I just couldn't help feel a bit overwhelmed I guess. I've had Endometriosis for years. My uterus and fallopian tubes have always been severely damaged, thus I was told bearing children would probably be difficult, or impossible. I've always felt the Spirit impressions of having these kiddos quick and close together. I've always expected miscarriages, that just never came. I expected years of trying to have just one, but I got 4. They really are my walking miracles. But, after having Tessa last summer my body just couldn't take it anymore. It's a painful disease, surgeries help, but the tissue will always grow back, until I don't have a uterus anymore. A couple of weeks ago I had another surgery, this time losing one of my ovaries. My Doctor told Mike while I was in recovery that my uterus looked bad, to put it mildly, and he thought that was the real source of the pain. (I'm grateful for this Doctor. He tells me how it is. Doesn't sugar coat anything - that's one of the reasons Mike is so good for me too!)
So this morning, I knew what was coming. The Doctor told me this disease, and having these kiddos has just done me in. So, I can't have any more kiddos and I'll lose my uterus near the end of the year or so. The last blessing I received from Mike, on the morning of my surgery, he said that Heavenly Father is pleased with the way I am living my life. That's all I'm really concerned about, that I'm choosing good things and that Heavenly Father is proud of me. I am so grateful that I have these beautiful kids, a wonderful Doctor who is able to help me, a husband who is worthy of holding and using the Priesthood and the best family in the world. And this might sound cheesy but I am grateful for my blog. I have reconnected with so many amazing women through it. I love seeing all the pictures of your lives and children and being able to "chat" with you.
I apologize for this lengthy post and no cute pictures of my kiddos, but I guess I'm just wearing my heart on my sleeve today. Hope everyone is doing wonderfully today!
Easter was a bit topsy turvy here at the Boulant house! So, better late than never, the kiddos wore their Easter outfits to Church yesterday! I LOVE dressing kiddos, to school, to church, to swim, 4th of July, ok, ESPECIALLY the 4th of July...I don't care where to, I LOVE it! It's like vacuuming the house - it seriously brings peace to my heart! *We all have our own little quirks, don't we?!*

Aubrey had to have a bank too, & I'm using the term "bank" loosely. She could care less about filling it with money, she just stores her treasures in it, American Girl accessories, beads, lip gloss, gum, etc...;)

I never should have browsed the double joggers at REI!!

Love it!! Anyway...;)

My mom came down this past week to save help me! Love, love, love my Mom.

Tessa looks so thrilled to take these pictures! lol! She cut her 4th tooth today, that might have had something to do with it!

Hope everyone had a fantastic Easter! Oh and Conference was just amazing! We had such a good time this weekend!
The kiddos showing off their easter baskets! They found the eggs WAY to fast for me to get any sort of decent picture and when I asked them to stop and pose for a picture they looked at me like I was CRAZY!! So, here's some pics of the "after party"!;)

The Easter Bunny left some wooden cars for the kiddos so they painted them between Conference sessions today! And, Caleb loves to earn money, not only the daddy dollars, but the real stuff too! So we needed a place for him to keep the money he's accumulated from helping out his daddy in the backyard, his PRIZED silver dollars he got from the tooth fairy and his PRIZED 50 cent piece he got from the Easter Bunny. So we dug around my craft table and found an old can of Tess' formula & we've got a piggy bank - best of all Caleb loves it!!

While we were craftin', we found a little bug under the table! She actually did really well with the sweetart bunnies she found! lol!!

Oh, Mr. Caleb is so cute! He's got a cough tonight - which for him is a big deal! He had pyloric stenosis as an infant and acid reflux to boot! His pediatrician told us he has a super sensitive gag reflex, so...any little tickle in his throat ends up with him throwing up! Poor kiddo! Such a sweetheart for trying to smile!;)

Back in the day when it was just me & Mike (and a Caleb in the belly) I loved dressing up my dining room table with linens. Since, I've moved on to the more sophisticated plastic table cloths to protect my table from paint, glitter, pens - aka Aubrey! So...I just hot glued a couple of place mats and stuffed em and voila - a pair of cutesy pillows! Oh, how I LOVE my glue gun!!

Helps that I've got such a little cutie to model! She's been playing with the Pringles lid all morning. So funny how we dream up all the fun toys to get the kiddos, dedicate a whole room in the house for their toys but they always seem to be just as happy with a plastic lid! lol!!

Notice little miss has the whole 3 teeth thing going on? Mike's been calling her 3 teeth-e-o!;) But, the other top tooth is starting to break through! And thank goodness for that, we all know what a treat it is to have a teething baby in the house! But really, she actually has been doing really well with teething, just a bit of a sore bum!
In other news, look what I found in the blinds!! Sick!