Our Lukey Bear turned 3!! He is such a love and just so much fun!! He is so quick to hug and kiss. His dimples are endearing and I love that he got his hair color from me! He loves to wrestle with his daddy, play outside, swing at the park and thinks everything is "cute, cute". I am so blessed to have this little boy as my son! He just warms my heart. Love him!!;)

Everybody loving the cupcakes! I had to light the candle twice - he was so excited he blew out the first one before we even started singing! He's such a cutie.;)

Lukey trying out his new Diego scooter! He was so excited about it he started dancing around!;)

The kiddos had such a good time riding on some rides! Even Tessa got in on it!;)

Just a few pics of missy eating her lunch the other day. She's such a doll!

Oh it's been so warm outside the last couple of days! The kiddos loved getting their swimsuits out and splashing around with each other. I loved Tessa in her little jumper!;) Her chubby little legs and arms are so cute! I can't help but just to eat her up!

Love her color, right? So pretty!

The Lucky Leprechaun visited our house last night! The kiddos' rooms are on each side of the hallway, so when they opened their doors they saw the yummy treats! It was so fun to hear them discovering their goodies. We made these super cute clover rice krispy treats this morning before school. Such a fun holiday! {Who knows why there's a black spot in these photos?! Keeping my fingers crossed it's a sign of demise for my camera - I just can't bring myself to buy a new one while mine still works!}

Oh last but not least, we are remodeling our kitchen to look just like this! Haha, love it, but no, we are digging up our "lovely" desert backyard and getting grass! Yay, yay!! Can't wait! I'll make sure to take some good before & after shots! Hopefully with a new camera! **wink**

My sis Val cut me this vinyl forever ago and I've been brainstorming of what to put under it. I love chicken wire so I thought it would be cute to hang pics of the kiddos and their cousins on it. I thought it turned out pretty cute.;)
The boys are rubbing off on little miss!

Since Mr. Luke is turning 3 next week, I thought I'd try undies on him to see if his little body was ready for potty training. Oh boy did he love his Diego underpants! Aubrey was very supportive! lol!!

The little guys love their bike trailer! So cute how a ride with Daddy put Tessa right to sleep!!

We "upgraded" the kiddos bikes a few weeks ago. They grow so stinkin' fast! It was a bit chilly outside, but they had a ball!!

Our "baby" Tessa is cruisin. Yep, she laughs while she does it. She's got this snort thing going on while she laughs. It's hilarious, the kiddos don't like it at all and they never laugh with her! She dances with them too - I really need to get that on video!

What is this, 4th position? I can't remember! lol!!
Oh she's just so fun! Her little personality is just too cute! I just want to eat her up all of the time!!

The kiddos made such good use of the boxes that were delivered today! Lukey parked his bike while he took his nap! Even Tessa had to get in on it!

I love when her hair turns out so cutsie!

The kiddos are so silly!

Comings & Goings

We've had the worst luck with our laptops! Mine crashed and then a few days later so did Mike's! Agh! I've finally got mine back! {yay!}Here's an attempt to update the blog on a few of our comings & goings!

Mike took Caleb & Aubrey to the Nascar race last weekend. Caleb has been on track break! He is such a good brother to play games with Luke! They really are such good buddies!
Luke came and sat by us on the couch one night. I think it took him a whole 3 seconds before he was out like a light!
I had a little helper folding the laundry! She loved to pull clothes out of the laundry basket!
I thought Aubrey's hair was super pretty the other day. It's gotten so long it was fun to tie up her braids! {I know I'm a dork, but I LOVE doing little girlies' hair!}
Tessa has had a lot of "firsts" over the last few weeks! She went on a swing at the park, had her first bites of ice cream, went on her first boat ride {she loved the boat! she had to stand up the whole time and just laughed!}, she's had her first bites of apple slices, graham cracker, bread and french fries, which she loves of course! lol!! She pulls herself up to a standing position all the time now and will take a few cruisin' steps! She has another tooth! She brings such joy into our household! What a sweetheart she is!
Carrie and her family came down for a visit a few weeks ago! Lucky us! We had a great time!