I have the best memories of making bread w/my mom
growing up! The smell of baking bread was a staple in
my mom's kitchen! She would shape some into loaves
and save the rest for yummy scones!! My bread will
never look or taste as good as hers - but I love baking
it & having the house smell so yummy!!
Aubrey's helping butter the tops
fresh out of the oven! Her top knot's a bit out of
control! (It's super windy here) Hehe! But oh boy how this
little girl loves to help cook!
Cute little Tess was so comfy in her bumbo she fell asleep!
What a cute little fatty she is!
She has gotten really good at grabbing toys - her bouncer
toys & car seat toys - the toys that are right in front of her.
I was so surprised the other day when she grabbed this
little doggy that was by her during her "tummy time". And
she got him by his ear! So cute!!
Look at the chubby little arm! :)


Becky Nelson said...

you know, my food never looks, tastes, or smells as good as my moms. There is something about my mom's cooking!!!! Isn't it fun to pass on the tradition, even if they get flour EVERYWHERE!!

AaronTara said...

My girlies love to cook with me or their grandma. Right now I guess they have the best of both worlds. : D Tessa is adorable. And she is definitely fat. : D

Annette said...

Your bread is delicious, I love the way it smells too! What cute kids!

Em said...

i'm all about the chub;-) more to love, especially when cabbage patch dimples are on the hands. those are my favorites. so funny that she fell asleep in the bumbo. the day sean's sister ashlie got married brennan never got a nap. it was the first time he had ever missed one. we got home around 10pm. he fell asleep while we were changing his diaper. like, the lights were out and nobody was home, type of falling asleep. we fully dressed him and put him in his crib without him waking up once. hilarious.

Kristin said...

I remember your house smelling like bread - and it tasted yummy!