Big boy bike riding

Caleb decided it was time to say goodbye to the training wheels! He wants to show his Grandma Jones that he can ride without them when we see her next week. He told me that he needs to practice everyday when daddy gets home. Apparently I am not strong enough to help him! Aubrey just looks so cute on her bike, I had to put a pic of her in there too, barefoot of course!


Jen said...

What a big boy Caleb is! I can't wait to see him ride! I'm so glad that we got to talk tonight! I sure miss you all!

Annette said...

Good job Caleb! That is a big step. I bet it is kind of hard to hold a bike up while a kid is learning to ride without training wheels-and Caleb is a big kid! I love the picture of Aubrey, she seems so brave always willing to do whatever Caleb does! Can't wait to see you!