My kiddos this past week!

Tessa being Tessa! Even though she's has a bandaged hand she's still our little mischief maker! This time she found my lipstick!

How we bathed missy before her hand was allowed to get wet.

My first day changing Tessa's bandage all by myself. Aubrey had to get her "nurse" on too!

Poor Lukey bonked his mouth! Complete mystery how he did it...poor kiddo!

Caleb & Mike on their hiking trip!



Addison, Crew, Carter & Canon's Mama said...

Little cutie!!!!!!

Annalisa said...

high adventures at your place. awesome!

Annette said...

Poor little Luke! Good job cleaning Tessa's hand by yourself, that must be so hard. What a sweetie little Aubrey is, I love that purple stuffed animal! Caleb must be a good climber. I love that picture. Thank you for sharing the amazing pictures.

Jen said...

So fun Tiff! Tessa is a little stinker, but so dang cute! Where did Mike and Caleb go? Poor little Lukey! Hope he feels better!