glammed up & shirtless

This kid is so dang cute! He loves to have his clothes off!
But take his daddy away & he is not a happy camper!
We were so glad to have daddy back from Phoenix!

So I left the little ones with Mike while I went to my ultrasound appointment.
This is what I came home to!

Why all the Kleenex's? Who knows!

Here's what the little cuties were up to
while Mom was away!

They had stripped my bed in order to jump on it and nabbed wooden spoons
from the kitchen for who knows what reason! Aubrey had glammed up
Luke w/her dress-up jewelry!
Check out the clip in his spiky hair!


Kerri said...

too cute!! You know I see a lot of Keith in Luke. Maybe it's just that picture....and I haven't really seen your brother in 20 years.

ps....i got alexas dress at walmart. Isn't it cute!!?!

Tiffany said...

Hey Kerri - I love that you see Keith in Luke!! I can't believe you found that dress at WalMart!

The Barth Family Blog said...

Holy cow your kids are getting so big so fast. You guys have to come back.:) Aubrey is such a pretty girl, she looks just like you Tiff. We miss you guys. Give us a call next time you are in town.

Annette said...

Very cute pictures, your kids are hilarious!

Kristin said...

Cute pictures - and cute Mom to make it into something fun!

Dana said...

I love coming home when dad is in charge. You never know what you're going to find!