Soccer & Hiking

Mike had a soccer game that was early enough for us to go watch!
Our future soccer star? Absolutely!
Reminds me of Off The Wall - just a bit bigger & cleaner!;)
Hands down, the best thing in Las Vegas for all of us to do together!
Red Rock! Awesome hiking and rock climbing! The kids
amaze me with their climbing abilities, especially Caleb! He'll
be on the ropes with his daddy before I know it!
Love, love, love when little guys crouch! Dang cute!
Bubba holds his own! He's our spider monkey! He'll climb up any
rock on his hands and feet! ;)


West Family said...

thanks for all of your posts - it helps me to keep life in perspective too! i love the pics - bryn keeps saying all your names. i can't wait to see you! i love you tiff!

Annette said...

I miss watching Mike play soccer! How fun that you all could go. I love the pictures of the kids.