So you ever feel like you've just been knocked upside the head?
I just got done w/preschool, the girls got picked up,
then went to pick up Caleb from kindergarten and came home.
I started to feel, I don't know stir crazy & a little sorry for myself!
Why can't I be in Chico? I could pop on over to my mom's or
call Val and go to the park - or something! I am really
out of my element here (w/no family around at all!) and sometimes
I get really tired of trying!! I know that sounds awful, I wish I were perfect.
Then I get an email from a laurel in my young womens.
She's had pancreatic cancer for the last 2 years.
She has an amazing spirit. She is one of the most selfless people, especially
at 16, that I've ever had the chance of meeting.
She went to the UCLA last week - now she is losing her stomach and pancreas.
Love you J*!
Puts things into perspective. Trying is easy. Watching your
little girl go through this, not so easy. I'm so grateful for my testimony.
I'm so grateful for my Savior.

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Em said...

did you know i live next door to my mom? in my cousin's basement? sharing the backyard with another set of cousins and my grandma? it's a big backyard, but still by the end of summer we are ready for winter, if you get ma' drift;-) sometimes i just want to move as quickly as possible. then there are days when i am so thankful i can walk next door to mom's. pro's and con's with everything right? i guess i just try to remember and focus on the good days, no matter what situation i'm in...and then go swimming when i'm frustrated with only seeing the con's;-)