Dancing Fools! ;)

Yep - this is how my kids "dance". Caleb is the culprit. He has always danced this way. Soon he converted Aubrey and so naturally Luke didn't stand a chance. The freaky thing is, they can spin their heads to the beat!

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Kristin said...

Hey Tiffany - this is Kristin (Hall) Norris! I linked to you from Megan's blog... It was so good to see your parents this last weekend. Your Mom gave me her email so that I could send her my blog address, and I of course now can't find it! Could you pass on my email and my blog address to her? Thanks timkristinnorris@hotmail.com and norrisnewsandnonsense.blogspot.com

Yor kids are adorable - the picture you have of Aubrey on the side make me think of Annette when when was little!!! Tell your family hello!