I am really bad at consistently having fhe. Just had General Conference, was told
to have it. Just had Ward Conference, was told to have it.
So last night it was up to the mountains we went to have
a wonderful time and talk about families and how important it is
to do things as a family! So, yeah for us! FHE done for this week!
Hope I can keep the streak going!;)
Like I've said before, I can rarely catch this kid with a good smile! At least
he looks at me and tries! Luke either laughs and hides or just
completely ignores me!
Then there's my little miss! She'll almost always happy to pose for me!
At dinner last night, Mike was teasing her about something and she
actually rolled her eyes and said "whatever!". Um, she's only 4! She's
sure not shy about showing her attitude!
These kids love to run and explore! You can't see in the picture, but there are a ton
of ladybugs in the grass! The kids just loved it!
This may seem random - but just taking a moment to look at my kids,
and think about baby Tessa, it just all fits. Like this is just right!
The Spirit is so remarkable.
(A bit smarmy! I know - thanks for bearing w/me!)


Kristin said...

Amazing how the spirit works! Congratulations on all the good things in your life!

Nicole Scoubes said...

thanks for all your comments and I have to say I always have loved your little Aubreys hair and now I dont have to be so enveous!

Alana's World said...

Hey Tiff! Is the baby going to be Tess or Tessa? I love both! :)