My little girlie

This little girl is the cutest thing ever! She fell at church last week and
is showing off her boo boo!

Isn't she beautiful! She was so proud of herself for
putting on her own makeup! It took me 2 days
of scrubbing to get it all off! Luke was very
concerned about her when he first saw her. He kept
saying "nose, nose" - but then he just laughed
and laughed!;)


Jen said...

So Aubrey! I love it Tiff. Your so great at updating your blog. I'm so glad you do, I miss you all! Can't wait, just a few more weeks.

Addison, Crew, Carter & Canon's Mama said...

Too cute!!
She is just adorable!

AaronTara said...

When my girlies put makeup on, it really does take a few days for it all to disappear. I love little girls... they are so fun!

Lily said...

cute little one!