Cute B/Day Cards!

Caleb & Aubrey have just been so cute about my birthday today. Caleb keeps
on telling me Happy Birthday! So sweet! They made these cards
for me yesterday with Mike! Too cute!
This one is Caleb's! That's me and him on top of the heart. That's our house
on the left, a random dog and cat and a volcano erupting!;) He has this
thing about volcanoes lately! Funny kid!
This one is Aubrey's! The little animal on the left is a dog
next to a tower and the black circle on the bottom is an eye! Who knows
where she gets this stuff!;)
I am so blessed to have these little cuties as my children!
I am so grateful for my ability to have children and for an incredible
husband who works so hard so that I can stay at home and
take care of them!
These are the best birthday presents ever!;)

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Annalisa said...

hope you had a happy birthday. with those cards, i'm sure you did. smiles!!