Pretend Birthday

Today was Caleb's "pretend" birthday at school! Since his birthday is during the
summer, his teacher assigned today for him to bring some birthday treats!
Mike made these cone-cakes - so cute!
So silly!
Last night was my ward's womens volley ball tournament!
3 hours of playing - so much fun! I actually popped a blood vessel!
It's super swollen and discolored - that has never happened to me before!
**We made it to the championship game but lost by 2 points! Bummer! But it was
so dang fun - & I am so proud of me and my other
pregger friend - playing the whole volleyball season - & she's 7 weeks ahead of me!!


AaronTara said...

That's awesome! I continued to run and play basketball through my pregnancy with Laura. Actually I stayed pretty active with all three. I guess having toddlers while you're pregnant does that. :D

Addison, Crew, Carter & Canon's Mama said...

Ouch!!! I'm sorry you got hurt! Such cute kids :)

Jen said...

Ah Volleyball, it brings back memories!

Annette said...

Good for you Tiff! Too bad you guys lost:( I'm very impressed Mike, those cupcake ice cream cones look yummy. Happy Unbirthday to Caleb!!!!!

West Family said...

Me too tiff! Good for you! One reason you look so great after you have a baby!!

West Family said...

Sorry - i thought there was another place to comment! I love all the pictures! your kids are so dang cute! i hope caleb had a good graduation - we're sorry we missed it!

Annalisa said...

popped vessels are gross, i remember getting those during yw volleyball. totally fun and so worth the pain. glad you had fun!!

happy un-birthday to ya'll.