Our first outing in 2009

On New Years Day we decided to make the drive up to Mt. Charleston and let the kids play in the snow! There was so much more snow than we expected! Somehow all of the kid's gloves have disappeared, but the kids loved it anyway! Caleb loved to eat it and to sink as far as he could into the snow. Aubrey spent a lot of her time dodging her daddy's snowballs! Luke of course would only make faces at me!

Right where we were parked and playing in the snow, some policemen stopped the traffic in both directions and called in a life flight from the Hospital. Traffic was stopped for about an hour. Since we were right there playing anyway we walked over so that the kids could watch the helicopter land and then take off again. A woman was hurt in a sledding accident just up the mountain and this part of the road was the closest spot the helicopter could land! It was exciting to see the helicopter so up close, we are just praying that the woman who was hurt is okay!

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Unknown said...

wow! that must have been fun for the kids to watch! hope you had a great new years!