Family Hike

We decided to hike up a mountain close by this morning! We were unsure how Luke would do. The jogger couldn't make it so Mike had to carry him the whole way! Caleb and Aubrey did fantastic! The picture of the hill is the very tip top of the mountain that only Mike and Caleb did- Aubrey was pretty pooped by that point! Our house is behind Caleb right behind the baseball park - Caleb thought that was pretty cool! It took us about 2 hours. We had a blast although we are all pretty beat this evening!


AaronTara said...

Aaron and I love to do this kind of stuff. I guess it's good we moved to Colorado since Iowa has no mountains. Hope all is well!

megan... said...

Hey Tiff- Bobby and I were looking at buying a white shag rug, and we were just looking at IKEA or something cheap-o, but then I remembered that you have a rug business! I don't know how much your rugs cost (but I don't doubt they are much better quality) So I was just wondering where to get some info about it. Email me!