swimmin' suits & a mission call

I couldn't get Luke to sit still long enough to get a good
picture this morning! This is the best I could do!
We spent our morning swimming in the backyard! It's
actually under 100 degrees! Loving it!
I had to get Tess into this swim suit before she grew out of it!
So, so cute!!
She is such a little sweetheart! It's funny that she's only been here
a few weeks - I don't know what I ever did without her!
This is mine & Luke's means of communication! I hear a little voice
from upstairs and try to figure out what he needs. He usually
just needs to tell me if he bonked his knee or something! His favorite
game by far is playing catch w/his daddy from downstairs
to upstairs! I need to get a picture of that!

It feels so good in Vegas today! The kids are taking advantage
by playing in the water in our front courtyard!
Here's little miss loving her bouncer!
I thought about going hitting Target & maybe Kohls today.
But, who am I kidding? I'm usually exhausted by
the end of the day when I don't even leave the house!
My mom and dad got their mission call! They are
called to the family history library in slc! Yay! They are
actually closer to me now! I'm a bit of a baby when it comes
to my family. I hate not living close to anyone!


Jen said...

Tiff your so great at updating your blog. It always makes me feel closer to you guys because I get to "see" everyone often! I hope that everything is going well, and I miss you guys! That little Tess, I just want to get her!

Jen said...

I know that I already left a comment, but I didn't see the swimsuit pictures. So Cute!

Kerri said...

Love your family!! Hey the website for those books is blurb.com. It's so easy to transfer your whole blog over and then you can edit it. Let me know if you need help, i was confused at first on uploading my blog.

megan... said...

So excited for your parents. I hope that you come up here and maybe I can just "run" into you!

Annette said...

Great pictures! I'm glad it is so nice and cool in Las Vegas!

Annalisa said...

hurray for your parents! congrats to them!! they will love it.